First time GC buyer

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Mar 24, 2006
Punta Gorda, Florida
OK Guys, After reading on this great forum for several months, I have become "hooked". I now check BITOG before I even open my mail. I have never gotton into anything like this since 7-8 years ago when I got into old Ford 8N tractors and couldn't leave it alone. I started out on the reg. oil forum and then moved over here. I have a 05 Tundra double cab and have been following this forum since I bought it with 3000 miles. I started out with Castrol GTX, at 6000 miles in went M1 5w30, at 11000 miles 3 1/2 guarts of m1 and 3 1/2 quarts of Chevron 5000 dino. All from different posts on the regular forum that at the time, made since to me. Now, I have been reading the euro forum. Suddenly, I have this uncontrolable urge to stop at the AZ stores around me. There are only three stores within an easy commute. The first two did not carry GC, but, the third did, I ended up purchasing 14 quarts of GC gold. This is now on top of 7 quarts of M1 and 7 quarts of Chevron 5000 dino I have sitting on the shelf. I have always changed my own oil and filters, but believe me that untill I started reading here, there was never any extra oil on my shelves for the Auto's. Now, I have a total of 35 quarts of oil including the PP I bought a month ago. I think the only cure for this, is to only check back into this forum a couple of days before I need a oil change. Otherwise, my neighbors will start accusing me of having a oil business in the garage
Welcome to the Elvish village! Tell your neighbors to come visit my oil cellar full of GC...they will forget all about your reasonable stash!
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