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Jul 17, 2002
First of all I want to say that you guys on this site are great--a little crazy at times (sniffing oil? haha)--but all in all a very, very informative site. I have been using Pennzoil 5W30 in a 1992 GMC Sonoma 4.3lv6 with 100K miles since its third oil change. The truck still runs great and I've never went over 3,000 miles on an oil change which I have learned may/may not be a good thing from reading these posts. Well believe it or not there is a auto parts store about 40 miles from me that stocks Schaeffer's oils on its shelves so I thought I would give them a try. I chose the Series 7000 5W30 blend as I have never had any trouble from the 5w30's before. Using a Wix filter which they also stock on the shelves although I usually use a PF52 Ac/delco. I am taking a trip to Decatur,IL this weekend which is about a 800 mile round trip and will keep good records on my gas mileage. I also like the green color of the Schaeffer's--kind of stands out from the crowd. Sorry for rambling--we people in Kentucky can really talk/type when we get started.
Where is the store and how much is it? I will be road tripping on I-65 in a couple of weeks and may drop by for a few quarts. [Patriot]
Liquid, Let us know and do a used oil analysis if feasable. I plan on using Schaeffer's late fall, early winter and testing it against Amsoil and Mobil 1 SS. [Off Topic!] I will be in the Paducah, Mayfield area next week? Know where that is??? [Big Grin]
Welcome aboard! You weren't hurting anything with 3k oil changes, it's just that with new oils now they can handle much longer intervals and still be in good shape. You'll notice that we are really into oil analysis on here. Not only is it fun to compare results of different cars and oils, but it really does let you know the exact interval your situation can handle.
The store is called "Automate" and it is located in Danville,KY on Hustonville Rd. There is also a an "Automate" store in Harrodsburg that I would suspect carries the Schaeffer's also. I paid $20.08 for 5quarts of Series 7000 5w30 and a wix filter. I think that comes out to 2.99 for the oil per quart and 3.99 for the filter when you consider 6%sales tax. MolaKule: Paducah/Mayfield is about two hundred miles west of where I live. Patman: Yeah I can tell you guys are analysis junkies. I sent an e-mail to TDyson before I switched to Schaeffer's. Will be sending off for my kits soon. Thanks again guys.
Thanks a bunch [Big Grin] Now I can get a few quarts without shipping the store is 70 miles from I-65, [Duh!] I wonder if more automates sell it and where [ July 27, 2002, 10:03 AM: Message edited by: jjbula ]
I've made the trip back from Decatur, IL but messed up on the gas mileage experiment--forgot to keep mileage on tank of gas--what a dummy!!! Anyway the Schaeffer's seemed to do an excellent job--temperatures in that part of IL were in the mid to upper 90's and I drove hard. NO oil consumption, engine ran smooth as silk, etc. Definitely pleased so far. [Off Topic!] I noticed on the side of a race car #75 John Gill's Late Model that their team uses Schaeffer's oils--guess what? He won the race Monday night in Danville, IL and picked up a nice $10,000 payday for his efforts.
Two years ago I worked on Hal Goodson's pit crew. All he used was Schaeffers. Two races per oil change.....I was sold based on the lack of wear and cleanliness of the internals.
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