First oil change on Jeep Liberty

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Aug 19, 2003
I've recently purchased a Jeep Liberty and I'm quickly approaching my first oil change at 3k miles. I'm looking for some advice on what type of oil and interval of changes meet my driving habits. I drive about 20k miles per year and am in stop and go traffic about 3/4 of the time.
I really don't enjoy doing an oil change every month (which is about what I would be doing on the 3k mile schedule) but I don't want to risk only changing every 6k either. I was thinking of doing the following:
1. Complete first oil change at 3k with dino oil.
2. At second oil change (6k) switch to Mobil 1 synthetic and then follow the 6k maintainance interval.
Does this sound like a good idea based on the type of driving I do? Any suggestion on what brand of oil to use for first change? All tips and suggestions are welcome.
Mobil 1 is a great oil!

I can't see your purposed schedule detracting from the life of the enginewith any oil. Mobil 1 looks to be a good candidate for extended drain from the info posted here. As you said you don't mind changing at 3K. Therefore 'I' IMHO recommend a quality conventional oil, since you are keen to change it. A high quality conventional oil to suit your needs can be had by any of the following: Pennzoil, Castrol or any Heavy Duty Motor Oil as manufactured by a major refining concern.
I would think you would be safe with a 6K interval and Mobil1. I assume that 6K is the maximum interval allowed per the manufacturer to stay in warranty compliance.

Originally posted by MarkC:
Best thing would be to sell the Libby and find yourself a Cherokee!

Was that comment necessary?

Despite my feelings about the Libby, which I can keep to myself as they aren't needed here, your plan sounds like a good one.

Enjoy your Jeep!
Considering some of the other comments I've read on this board, I think it was pretty mild, and meant as a joke anyway, so lighten up. If I offended, I apologize.
Do I get the feeling that long time Jeep fans aren't too enamoured with the Liberty? How come? Sorry to stray off topic, I'm just curious that's all.

PS-I don't appreciate being told to lighten up. I find myself to be a pretty fair person on here, it's not often that I "scold" someone. I just felt that comment was not really needed.

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Originally posted by Patman:
Do I get the feeling that long time Jeep fans aren't too enamoured with the Liberty? How come? Sorry to stray off topic, I'm just curious that's all.


You asked for it!

In general, the "Jeep" crowd is not thrilled with the newest product in the lineup, the Liberty (still called the Cherokee in the rest of the world) for a variety of reasons.

The biggest one is the suspension system under it. It has an Indepenant front suspension, which is one of the only instances of a Jeep with IFS. Everything else has always come with two solid axles underneath it.

As a result, its overall offroad capabilities are somewhat comprimised compared to oher vehicles in the lineup. It also severly limits the aftermarket opportunities for creating a monster trail rig out of one.

The elimination of the 4.0l in this size package was also not heartily welcomed (it will not fit in the engine bay of the Libby).

In short, it represents what die-hard Jeep fans fear will become of the brand now that Daimler is running the show. Several months (if not a year or two ago) one of the execs at Daimler was bemoaning the fact that Jeeps cost more to build than other SUV's on the market. The primary reason for this is because the philosphy of Jeep has always been "Rubicon Ready" - ie: its machines were capable of taking on Rubicon with theoretically little modifcation out of the box. As a result, they have always been built heavier and "tougher" than their competitors, which is what has always set Jeep apart. The current indicators are Daimler intends to change this philosphy to "Rescue Ready", meaning they are the same as every other SUV out there - forgetting its Jeep nameplates heritage. The Libby is seen as the first step in this direction.

Daimler feels they can sell more Jeeps if they move in that direction, but die-hards feel that ignoring the nameplates past will eventually be the downfall of the name.

My personal feelings are mixed. The Cherokee was greeted with great skepticsim when it came out in 1984. Jeep fans didn't like the "weak" axles underneath it, the puny engines, or the unibody construction. It was also the first vehicle entirely designed in CAD (computer assisted drawing). The addition of the 4.0l inline six in '87 changed a lot of peoples minds, and the Cherokee went on to be sold for 17 years in essentially the same package until the Libby was introduced. It certainly has proven its capabilites and is generally held in high regards. Will the Libby be the same? Tough to say.
Okay Patman, I apologize to you as well.
I think we don't care much for the Liberty because we loved the XJ Cherokee so much. Just take a look at the two. Which one looks markedly different from every other mid-size or compact SUV around? We love the old 4.0 I-6 engine, and we love the simple dsign and ruggedness. Or at least I do. Sadly, the only current SUV which remains even a little bit 'simple' and not frilly with luxury items is the Nissan Xterra. But it's no Jeep.
All that said, drive what you want to. At least the Libby is still a Jeep.
Sorry to get so off topic.
Apology accepted Mark, and thank you very much for the explanation.

I know it's off topic and all, but it's always nice to read more into the thoughts of different groups of auto enthusiasts out there. I understand now why people might not like the new Jeep so much.

Now let's be nice to Dilliyo and get this thread back on track again for him.

(if you guys want to continue the discussion on Jeeps, it might be a good idea to start a thread in the General and Off Topic forum)
Dilliyo, From my experience I have always used Castrol GTX 10W30 and changed it every 3K. I lived in North Carolina for the first 4 years I had my Jeep, so I think the climate is similar to VA. I did a mix of Highway and city driving, and now in Seattle it's more city with a bit of freeway thrown in.
I used to use Fram filters, but no more (although I never seemed to have any problems).
My engine is pretty clean, and there is no burning or leaking of oil.
Don't know much about synthetics, except I don't like the cost, and I don't mind changing at 3K, so conventional oil works fine.
Dilliyo - I have been running synthetics at 5-6K intervals since about 10K on my Ford. Its at about 70K and purrs like a kitten. I would say you are safe with 6K intervals as long as thats within the manufactures recomendation. If its not, at least stay within the longer drain interval for warranty purposes.

PS - won't be long until you start buying oil and storing it in your garage/basement, just waiting to crawl under your truck to change it. Some people here can barely go 3K without changing! Its a sickness that spreads fast!

I had the opportunity to drive a Liberty Sport 3.7 to Virginia and back, and it was great.

Stable even in heavy rain, good brakes, excellent steering, lots of power... At 80 mph, I was challenged several times by Nissan Pathfinders... the Liberty pulled away with ease

Mobil 1 in the manufacturer's recommended viscosity, using the maximum allowed manufacturer's interval, will be just fine for your application.

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I would just go to the Mobil 1 10W-30 at the first oil change. Just start your 6K mile drain intervals at this time. 10W-30 M-1 should be fine all year round
Thanks for the help!! It looks like I will be doing the oil change this weekend. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.
Just wanted to stick my nose in and say
. Pretty soon you'll be like the rest of us and lay awake at night counting down the miles to change day. To say a nice thing about libby's. There great ON road. VERY comfy ride. I guess it's the IFS that jeep folks dont like. I would NEVER have a jeep with out a solid front axle. NOw that snot to say I have not seen some stock libby's do some amaizing things on the trail...=) Mobil and 6k changes is a great way to go. you'll be happy. Lets not all get snippy now folks...LOL
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