First oil change coming up...

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Mar 7, 2004
Southwestern Ontario
I'm approaching my first oil change on my 03 Mitsubishi Outlander @ 6000kms (2.4L 4-cylinder w/AWD). This is abiding by the Mitsubishi "severe" service for Canada.

I have the following oils on hand:

1. Castrol GTX 5W30
2. Motomaster F1 Dino 10W30

Or, should I buy some synthetic?

Mitsu recommends 5W30 year round, but it is going to get hot in this part of Ontario real soon.

Any ideas?
If your going to do 6000 km intervals,
then Castrol GTX or ant quality oil will
do. Synthetic is the best but will be
more expensive. Check with the dealer to
see what they use.
How about this: $2 Syntec Blend. 10w-40 in summer and 5w-30 in winter. I change twice a year, 6 months apart and forget about counting miles. If you drive a lot of miles, consider Mobil 1. Saab Synth 0w-30 is on sale for $3.75 and it's actually Euro Mobil 1 Polar Long-Life. Change with that twice a year and you could drive 40k a year!!! Saab goes 22k between changes on it. Good cold-pumping too.
Syntec blend is actually closer to $4 per liter up here in Canada, and we don't get their 10w40, just the 5w30 and 10w30.
This vehicle is driven by my wife and gets very little useage. Probably 10-12kms a year, tops. Perhaps the 6 month OCI is a better choice than every 6000 kms.

How do you know the make-up of semi-synth oils? What is the percentage of synth in Castrol Blend?
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