first change: take build date into consideration?

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Feb 1, 2004
stupid q

i assume you decide when to do the first oil change on a new car depends on when the car was built, as opposed to when you picked it up, right?

mine was built in nov03, picked it up mar04, which means it has 5month old oil

so build date is used?

When it was built definitely plays a huge factor. In January 1996 I bought a brand new 1995 Trans Am, and that car's built date was actually September 1994! So my brand new car had oil in it that was almost a year and a half old! And since it had sat on the lot for so long, it had 200 miles on it from all the test drives. Needless to say, I changed it's oil the very next day just to be safe.
I used to race with the regional Alfa Romeo car club, and occasionally one of those low-volume new cars would sit on a dealer's lot for one, two, or three years before selling. Yet another good example of yes, oil sitting in an engine, even if not run, should be changed out after that many weather/temperature condensation cycles.
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