First 3 right to 6200 never moved same for the next 3

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Slick Rick

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Nov 1, 2020
Reading that description was a good mental exercise. It squeezed something out of my head.
When it comes to price gauging my father said, "The guy with the car has always been fair game". Remember, he came from an era when not everybody owned a vehicle.
So once a Super Raptor is out of warranty, are their owners going to be screwed constantly?
Good thing it's still covered. Have it checked out while they're (dealership folk) still smiling at you.

Any okay to traversing 32" of water-even under at 40 mph- is a dangerous and stupid one.
Money is not the issue I DONT care plenty. Have you ever notice I have NO list of the Cars ,trucks, motorcycles, boats heavy equipment I lets say own I will not mention them here unless if it is part of the story. I find people can be very jealous, that has caused me problems in the past. I talk to few people about my toys (mode of transportation) because of that. Sounds like that old diesel mechanic done pretty well yea that's something else we wont be talking about. Cars, trucks, oil, grease, not that you need a good metal exercise, Be NICE I thought it was cool ford really put 32 inches of water you can drive threw in the Raptor owners manual I haven't done either(yet) but Ford said its Ok to do so that is impressive. You just talked about being screwed, dangerous and stupid. Sorry you do not more than likely have a new Raptor write now but don't take your issues out on me. And you may want to stop squeezing your head I don.t think its helping. I am here to have fun and learn something Seams to me you might be here to tell people they got screwed and there stupid BE NICE !
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