Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter 205/60R15…

The reviews on WM don't look too good, usually a walmart shopper will rate a new tire fairly well, just because they are comparing it to their old, worn out set. Most listed seem to get > 4.0/5 stars while those, 3.1

I might get them if I was soon to sell the vehicle, or it sits and is rarely driven, but not for regular use.
Walmart is really undercutting discount tire on price every time I look them up.

Wife's car has a set of Goodyear reliants, I may go to walmart for my tires as well.

You are putting those firestones on a smart car? Should be fine no issue. Get roadhazard.
I hate it when people gripe about treadwear or noise level,
but do not mention how the tire was inflated,
or how often rotated….

Even worse, pressure used, verses Original Equipment…

My Saturn specs 26 psi rear originally, but thats for a different tire with a different speed rating, 185/65R15/, 35 psi max…

Current is 205/60R15, 51 psi max…
I fill them to 38-40 psi…

Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter​

I'm a pretty peaceful guy and it chaps me when somebody or things (tires) claim they are 'fighting' for me.

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