Firestone Affinity LH30

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Dec 18, 2002
Does anyone have experience with Firestone Affinity LH30 tires? I am looking to replace Dunlop SP Sport A2 on my SAAB with something a little quieter. I am looking for something with good steering feel, good winter traction and reasonable comfort, in that order. I like the Dunlops but would like to get something a little quieter.
People grouse about the OEM Affinity tires on many cars. Don't know if LH30 is any better... but I'd skip them on the principle of them stamping a name with a cruddy rep on 'em.
I have Firestone LH30's on my 2003 Civic. I drove the car directly from the dealer to the Firestone store. They exchanged the FR680 for the LH30 for about $100. I'm very happy with them and will replace them with the same thing when they wear out. They are very good in wet weather and seem to be wearing good. It looks like I should reach 60,000 before they need replacement. Firestone quality seems to be very good at the moment.
I've heard of this "exchanging before". So what does the store do with these "inferior" Fr680s? Do they sell them off as "used" or as a new tire? Or do they then charge a premium for an OEM replacement when the next unsuspecting Civic customer walks in? hmmmm.
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