Finished Up My Oil Filter Cutter

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Nov 29, 2013
Fort Worth,Texas
Finished all the machining, made a few changes from testing over the weekend. Had to move the cutter to the center, cut fine being off center but could only spin the filter counter clockwise or it would come out if spun clockwise. Also had to raise the wheel it self up a little bit, also machined some drain channels and added a drain plug cool Just need to add silicon to the outer covers where they meet the main plate to eliminate leakage. Here it is, I had a lot of fun creating it. With all the extra parts I sawed up in case I scrapped any parts wound up having enough to assemble two more. You'll see the design changes in the pictures, final design is on the right.
So much awesome on those pics thumbsup - CNC machine ? when you gonna start selling them ?
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Thanks for the compliments guys. I did all the work except the work on the all thread and hex knob on a Fadal CNC Mill. I had to do some work to the all thread and hex knob on an ole Engine Lathe. As far as selling them it could be a possibility.
The oil channels caught my attention first. Makes for a very clean disection. Excellent craftsmanship.
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Thanks for the kind words, I need some more filters to cut open now!
I sent you a PM regarding filters I can send you to do a side by side cut open comparison of the AC Delco PF48 vs. PF48F filters and the AC Delco PF63 vs PF63F filters. PM me back, so we can get this done. I will send you the 4 filters so we can really see the internal differences. Thanks!
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