Finally switched to Mobil1 0W40, Red Line D4-ATF and Red Line 75W90.

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Jun 17, 2003
Montreal, Canada
Over the past few days I've been making my BMW 328i Castrol Free.

And what a good idea it was!!!

I changed the tranny fluid from OEM to the Red Line D4-ATF. First impressions are that the tranny is much more responsive when I'm driving hard, and a hella smoother when i'm simply pimping (as an oilesseur of course).

The RL 75W90 in the diff is giving me the impression of allowing the rear the 'bite' harder when i'm launching or gunning it (butt dyno could be wrong though).

As for the Mobil1 0W40. Costly. But sooo worth it. Can't hear the engine anymore (just the new GruppeM intake I installed - which is sweet too).

Sorry I'm not more scientific in my explanations, but even scientists are allowed to have fun, right?

So thank you guys for all of the info that you've been sharing. It's helped me get more 'umph' out of my car

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Asmodeus, Mon Ami,

Avez-vous abandonné véritablement le Castrol? Vous êtes cassé mon coeur!

Comme Victor Hugo pourrait dire, "Je suis miserable."
Mon Cher Pscholte.

Je n'ai pas completement abandonné Castrol. I'm still anxious pour le German Castrol 0W30 cet hivers
(I started in english because I was going to use a coloquial french expression that doesn't translate at all).

Castrol will always have a place in my car: The engine, during the cold of winter.

But for the Tranny and Diff, Red Line is much better than the Castrol Factory fill.

Et moi qui pensais que vous alliez etre fier de moi pour avoir pris toute une initiative au changement de toutes ces huiles.

Next I need to figure out which gas to use: Petro-Canada's 94 Octane ethanol blend high in oxygenates or Shell Optimax Gold? (summer that is - Winter it's Petro-Canada with their special mix).
Réprimandé? Bien non mon ami. C'est moi qui a fait faux pas dans mes explications. Et j'offre mes excuses.


Off Topic: I'm trying to find out what the exact temperature is for a cold tire when taking the pressure reading? Is it 15 Celsius, 20 Celsius? I've checked many sites and so far they say: "Not Driven, bla bla bla" For me that's not a good explanation. I guess I should post this in General right?
Asmodeus you should have Nitrogen in your tyres on a great car like that IMO. Give it a try then checking tyre pressures constantly is a thing of the past (they last longer too)

Could you elaborate please? Other than the 80% Nitrogen in the air, I never heard of 100% nitrogen in the tires. What would be the pros/cons ?

Or are you just pulling my leg?
Nitrogen is inert and does not expand and contract at normaly temps like the other gas's that make up normal atmosphere. It is also very dry. Race teams do not fill the tires with atmospheric air they use dry nitrogen.

Neon is the inert gas for that period, Nitrogen has 5 valence electrons.

Do you mean inert in so much that Nitrogen is in the list of di-atomic molecules?

Where would I normally get access to a N2 pump?

Originally posted by MolaKule:
a-ni-yv-wi-(ya) di-s-ts-yo'-hi u*-hyv:-dlv

Cherokee for:

"Doesn't Santa Clause originate from Canada?"

Yes, but Santa wo'nt be making anymore runs, he's being taxed to death like the rest of us Canadians.
Oh the legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
'bout the big lake they call Gitchee Gumee
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Asmodeus no leg pullin here. I run Nitrogen in my Outback like most race cars do. Nitrogen doesn't leak like air, tyre pressure stays constant as heat buildup doesn't occur, and as the tyres stay cooler in use they last longer. Reports too of better gas mileage but can't comment on that. The largest tyre dealer in AU Bob Jane T-Marts sells heaps as a regular service. My new Mazda tyres to be fitted shortly will be Nitrogen filled, it's a no-brainer!!

I'll look into it. What type of store should I search for?

You think any tire place might have Nitrogen or only race stores?
Here just a common tyre store. I hear others getting it as well as becoming popular (as it should of course). Amazing to do a trip and tyres are still cool to the touch. Try that with air in your tyres?
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