Finally located GC in Biloxi

Tampa, FL
After reading about this mythical elixir here on BITOG over the past year+, I finally located GC 0w-30 in Biloxi, MS today. Unfortunately I'm not in the market for this oil now. Picked up some of the discontinued Mobil Drive Clean Plus Syn Blend "High Mileage" formula (10w-30) for my 98 Civic to hopefully combat an oil seep that has developed. Also bought some of the new Mobil 7500/5w-30 for my 01 Odyssey as I've come to believe that for my OCI (every 6 months/3750 miles) I don't need a full synthetic like Mobil 1 ... and from everything I've read about the new Mobil 7500 it's pretty much like buying one of the lesser synthetic (group III) oils, so should be more than adequate for my application.