Finally gonna score some free Rotella Oil!

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Mar 17, 2008
Got a PM from a Rotella rep asking if I wanted 3 gallons of Rotella T6 multi vehicle 5-30. Thought it was a scam. Contacted the PR firm and they verified the deal. Gonna use it and report back. Anyone else get contacted?
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One suggestion I made to the PR firm is they should sell the multi vehicle in 5 qt jugs and not gallon jugs as to be similar to the other big names oil offerings.
Great deal. I've wanted to get my hands on some of that stuff for a long time now.
Same here, ZZman, I lucked out. Note that in Canada, we get the Rotella T6 Multi-Vehicle in 5 litre jugs. Shell HDEOs tend to be in 5 litre jugs here. Most of the competition is in 4 litre containers here. Chris Guerrero is, I think, more than just a rep, by the way. wink
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