Fina First 5W-40 full synthetic

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Jul 1, 2005
Anybody have knowledge of this oil? I can get it at USD 7.7 pr liter and that's 1/4 of Castrol SLX 0W-30 at USD 32 pr. liter and 1/3 of Mobil1 0W-40 at USD 23 pr. liter here. The Fina First has API SL, ACEA A3/B3/B4, VW502.00 (and more) and some MB approvals. Since Castrol and Mobil is so expensive here, I think I will make a swith. That do you think? The engine in question can use all VW502.00 approved oils.
Fina First 5W-40 is the same stuff as Elf Excellium and Total Quartz 9000 (Activa 9000 in France). All made using "Synthetic Technology": since 2000-2001 they are not more "Full Synthetic". However, the quality is very decent among 5W-40 brand oils that in 99 % of cases are not "Full Synthetic" too now. Fina 0W-40 is far better, but more expensive. Fina First was very popular with BMW owners in 80-90th when Fina supplied to BMW Motorsport. As for the price, it's very often does not fully reflect the quality.
Not full synthtic? Is it group III blended with some grp. IV or V, or is it only group III?
Don't be disappointed, in Europe there are only some few true synthetic oils in 5W-40 grade now and they are all sport oriented: Motul 300V, Silkolene, Marly Black Gold Bio Carat and, may be, another 1-2 names. If Fina 0W-40 is expensive like Castrol Formula SLX or Mobil1 0W-40, then try Fuchs Titan SL 5W-30. This grade is still "full synthetic" (think it may be soon discontinued) and usually not too expensive like all Fuchs. There are other Titans 5W-30, but I'm not sure about their compositions.
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