Filter size: yesteryear vs today

Aug 30, 2004
The TSB only mentions an Amsoil filter, no mention of the Mopar OEM filter.
Correct, but I have seen similar (but less drastic) behavior from even the Mopar filter. Obviously, a change of a few psi will not materially impact function (nor cause a CEL).

So have you or anyone else just changed the oil filter at 1000 miles with the same exact filter, but not change the oil, and see the oil pressure increase by a couple of PSI at idle and at the exact same oil temperature.

I just can't believe that any oil filter is clogging enough to make the oil pressure change that much at idle with a non-variable volume PD oil pump.

What's the oil pressure readings at 2000, 3000 and 4000 RPM at 1000 miles compared to the same readings (same oil temps) taken right after an oil and filter change?
The issue described in the bulletin usually needs at least 5K to present itself. I have not done any testing myself, but there are a few threads over on the Ram forum where folks have reported their before/after oil pressure readings after a filter change was done.