Filter Comparisons

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Nov 17, 2002
Here are 2 premium brand oil filters. Which one would you prefer to use just going by looks.

I will tell you the one on the left has 43 pleats, the one on the right has 35. One is OEM and one is after-market.

Anyone care to take a wag at which brands these are? Very well know ones.


Here is a pic showing the brand info Filter Info/MVC-003X.jpg
Not Champion, Not Purolator, Not Fram, Not ST... sorry those are only the ones Ive used, so hows that for exclusion?
I couldn't tell who made the filters but I can tell its the same one my 08 CTS with the 3.6DI engine uses!
They had the same comparison in the May 2009 issue of GM Techlink:

This is yet another reason why I am concerned about Wix's quality. I bought some Wix air filters recently and the media was fuzzy and left "hairs" all over the package. The FRAM air filters were of a better quality.

Anyway, fewer pleats is not always a bad thing. We do not have any information on the quality or efficiency of the media in the Wix filter. It's definitely possible for Wix to be using a higher grade of media, therefore, they are able to have fewer pleats and still offer the same level of filtration.
That's what prompted me to check it out for myself since those filters are used in my CTS and I was considering using a WIX. I cannot say which is the better media but just holding both in my hands, the AC Delco appears to be of better quality in general construction. Of the people I have shown these here in the shop, everyone picked the ACD as the better of the two, so appearance means a lot, especially when they are priced about the same.

It just begs the question though, that if Wix claims it meets OEM Specs than why not match the pleats? Even if the media is better?

I think way to many manf. are cutting corners to avoid not increasing prices very much and to stay competitive and they push the limit as far as possible.
Originally Posted By: GMBoy
I couldn't tell who made the filters but I can tell its the same one my 08 CTS with the 3.6DI engine uses!

My Caddy SRX also takes the same filter.
I guess I'll be using that, or a Purolator filter for my next oil change.
Need to understand that oil does not flow where the two end pleats are attached, whether they are attached by a metal tab or glue. I believe some prefer a metal tab to glue. Just an observation.
Originally Posted By: Newtonville
Wix made in Poland, AC made in Mexico, that is annoying.
Yeah, that doesn't bother me as much though as my latest fram that was made in china(use to be Korea). Who makes the AC-Delco this week?
While the left one should have a higher capacity the right one could filter better depending on the media uaed in these filters. Since most people probably never reach the capacity limits due to short or normal length OCI's, capacity might not be that important.
All the saving steel etc to make a canister filter, then make it in Poland for sale in the US is hard to figure. Wix is an American company I believe, why not make it here and save all the fuel etc. shipping from Poland? Not to mention there are people here in the US looking for work. Not to mention it probably costs more for someone to administer the overseas shipment than the money saved.

I like the Mexico one better from just looking at it, more pleats.
A good reason to keep AC Delco on your GM product.

I'm surprised at Wix being substandard since they are one of the major OE and aftermarket manufacturers out there.
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