FF Mobil 1 5W30: 4,551 Miles - 09 Acura RDX Turbo

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Sep 3, 2007
Northern NJ
Here's a UOA report on our 09 Acura RDX with the Honda K23A1 turbo engine. Oil was the original factory fill Mobil 1 5W30. The OLM reported 5% life left after four months and 4.5k miles. The RDX saw about a 60/40 split of highway/city miles including winter runs on heavily salted roads. I expected some higher numbers because of the break in period, but yikes!
Very interesting, IntegraVT. Thanks for posting. I agree with the comments - this is the factory fill you're testing, and you'd expect the wear metals to be high. You have plenty of TBN left and your flashpoint is nice and high, so it looks like it should be fine after break-in. It's nice to see the high TBN even with 5% oil life left. My RDX UOA was high too, so it looks like the OLM is pretty conservative.
What did you put in it? I'd be inclined to go another change without a UOA. You will see double digit numbers on the Iron/Copper even if there is a dramatic downturn. Save the frustration and the high carry-over numbers. Notice low AL/Cr/and Lead. I see no problems at all.
+1 on no UOA next time, you will just be fretting for no reason. this OA looks great, and it also shows the typical FF moly (either from oil or assembly lube is another question). follow the OLM and use the right oil, and this engine will outlast the body by a significant margin...
Yeah...It looks like a good idea to at least wait one or two oci's...Completely normal uoa on a new engine...The numbers will likely come WAY down next time.
This things still breaking in what do you expect to see?,there's allot of contaminants in the oil still from new parts wearing in,things will come way down in the next few OCI's. Give it time.
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