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Jun 20, 2002
SO THERE'S THIS penguin driving across the Nullabour Plain in Australia and it's a really hot day, which is bad news for a penguin.

The penguin is driving and saying "sheesh" a lot and wiping his brow with his flipper, when the car starts to act up.

To his relief there's a service station not too much further along. He stops, hops out and waddles over to the mechanic.

"Can you look at my car?" asks the penguin. "It's making a funny noise."

"Sure,"says the mechanic.

The penguin wanders into the shop to get cool. He waddles around flicking through magazines to kill time then decides to buy a vanilla ice-cream on his way back to the car.
It's so hot and his flippers are so sweaty that he makes a real mess of the ice cream and gets more of it over his face than in his mouth.

He gets back to the car and waddles up to the mechanic who's leaning over the engine. The mechanic looks up at him and says, "Hmm, looks like you've blown a seal."

"Oh no, "laughs the penguin, "that's only ice cream."
Thats a good joke, although I've heard it before, but my real question is: What does this have to do with Federal-Mogul?
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