Favorite Long Storage Lube

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Oct 28, 2002
Everson WA - Pacific NW USA
What are the favorites/best lubes for long term long gun storage? I have just a small arsenal of shotguns and rifles - but I rarely shoot much anymore. (No outside discharge in communist King county) I do want to keep the guns until retirement and moving to somewhere else. Mostly I keep a thin film of oil on the metalwerks and wrapped in soft cloths in cases, in dry upstairs closets.
No idea Pablo. I use ed's red (with lanolin), and the lanolin leaves quite a nice film. My safe has silica beads in it, and a block of camphor (I read that Europeans used camphor as a sort of vapour phase inhibitor). Guys in the club use an oily rag to protect them (not sure what it does to the woodwork). One thing I'd try is thinning liquid alox with tree turpentine (I like the smell), and making a sort of "cosmoline".
Actually, cosmoline is what we Euros used for long term storage; also RIG, Plastilube and even vaseline. Some guys used Ballistol, but that's quite frankly only good if you are constipated.
moribundman, living in Lithgow the Australian home of the SMLE, cosmoline (even better cosmoline impregnated cloth) is oft part of the scenery.
We commonly have the dealership apply a fresh coat of cosmoline before every winter to the undercarriage. It protects pretty well against road salt. We steam-clean it in the spring and reapply cosmoline before the wet season. During our military service we have plenty access to Addinol W18, which is the standard gun oil. I still use that stuff on my knives. Ballistol makes a long term storage preservative called Gunex 2000. Unlike Ballistol, Gunex 2000 will not emulsify when in contact with water.
cosmoline on the undercarriage. That makes a lot of sense. The way our dams are going (conductivity has tripled in 12 months), I might have to try it.
Here in Florida, I use Eezox on all my guns that are going into storage. It lasts over a year between applications, and doesn't leave a greasy mess. www.eezox.com Another product, for folks that like lanolin, is Eureka Fluid Film. It leaves a waxy film of lanolin on the surface. I haven't tested it for long-term use, though.
I second Eezox. Kind of a pain to put on, and has a strong chemical smell, but it sets up like a wax and comes out on top in nearly all the Internet "rust tests". Because it is an ester/wax type product, there is nothing to evaporate off. It should last a long while in good storage conditions. Corrosion X Aviation would be my second pick. More of a conventional oil and easier to use. Very good product.
I tend to think of these: Amsoil MP And it big brother HD MP As garage/auto type stuff - mmm maybe I'll use some of that on the single shot shotguns. It does work in my garage - moist place - so indoors should be easy.
Does anyone have opinions on storing guns in plastic garbage bags? I did this a couple years ago; oiled them up real good, placed in the bags, and tied the ends. I figured this would protect them from dust and humidity......?
TheLoneRanger There was a lot of information circulating in Oz 10 years ago regarding long term storage of firearms. Seemed that a length of PVC sewer pipe, sealed at one end, and with a sewer cap (O-ring sealed) was the ideal storage receptacle. air tight, stack well, if needed can be dropped in post holes etc. maybe add in a couple of those iron filing "deoxygenators" that you find in vitamin tablet bottles.
I've seen it where guys will use the home food vac systems/bags to seal guns. This great because most of the air/moisture is sucked out. This in addition to oiling the gun and placing a desiccant pack inside.
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