Favorite cut of steak?

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Seared a hanger steak last night, confirmed, my favorite cut. ]
A "modern" Delmonico (first rib-eye cut), no less than 2" thick. Cooked very, very rare. Best steak I ever had was at a small hotel restaurant in Carson City, NV about 25 years ago.
Tenderloin, but only if it's served as a tartare. Incidentally, the Allstate commercial may have been trying to make the guy look stupid by asking the waiter to hold the tartare sauce, but tartar sauce was, in fact, originally made for adding to steak tartare.
Well, I'll have to ask about a hanger steak at the butcher next time I'm there. I can't say I'm too picky about the particular cut. A ribeye is great texture and marbleing, but often these days feedlot beef doesn't have a whole lot of flavor on its own. We just bought a whack of beef from our neighbor and it has a bit more beefy taste as it was finished on pasture. Lean though, so its best rare or a little short or medium rare.
typically ribeye; but agree with above; what the cow ate matters most (meaning it's from a "artisanal"-minded ranch) then the USDA grade then the cut.
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Today I got 2+ lbs of filet mignon (4 steaks), 1.3 lbs of stew meat and 1.5 lbs of round steak for 42.07 (the original price was 61.62). That is a 31.7% discount..and after that I got an additional 5% off for it being senior day and I got $5 off for buying $25 or more of meat (electronic coupons). Plus fuel points. I could've got more but I didn't want to spend more or be greedy. I can deal with it. GrtArtiste
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