“Father Figures” n Royal Purple

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Aug 22, 2003
Found it curious the cases of royal purple 10-30 in the near background, totally irrelevant to the smaller scene and movie. Must have been a cheap ad.
Same thing with one of the G.I. Joe movies, at first I thought I was seeing things but they made it so prominent in the background that it instantly came off as cheesy product placement. You not only see large barrels of RP and quart containers in the background, but at one point the Baroness throws a cart at Scarlett with a whole bunch of RP gear oil bottles on it. I guess Cobra uses RP?
A guy named Mark McFann was a VP at Royal Purple before it was sold. After the sale, he began a consulting company specializing in securing product placement in movies for small and mid-size companies. One of his biggest clients is... Royal Purple. Convenient how that works, isn't it?
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They had good oil when it was Synerlec,
You are right. Unfortunately, RP was mercilessly, mindlessly bashed because it didn't "meet the latest spec". Ironically, the reason it DID have an earlier spec was because it had a very strong additive package. Now, it meets the latest specs. Where are the critics?
66 years old - done hundreds of oil changes myself and two oils I haven't purchased yet are Royal Purple and Red Line. I'll put them on my 2018 Bucket List, along with Mobil-1 and Amsoil oil filters, which I've never purchased before either. Guessing I'll need almost $100 for those two oil changes..... total: 11 quarts of oil
Movies and TV are full of things with brand names. People are rubes !!! I remember when the world needed a Smith and Wesson M29 because Dirty Harry had one.
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