Famous GS350 F Sport RWD Brake Squeal

Los Gatos, CA
Anyone who knows the 4th gen Lexus GS350 F Sport RWD cars knows about the famous low speed brake squeal. There was a factory TSB.
The squeal affects 2013 up cars. 2020 was the last year for the GS; they are no more.

Supposedly the fix is all Lexus parts with a different pad and shim. Incidently, the cars came from the factory with 2 piece rotors; most have been replaced with 1 piece parts.
I had the brakes replaced a couple months back; the shop used Textar pads which @The Critic told me they were a European high quality pad.
The squeal came bach within a week or so. So I cleaned and lubed the components and put the brakes back together. There was a shim that covered 2/3 of the pistons. These are 4 piston fixed capliers. Anyways, the squeal came back after a week or so. Only on the passenger side. It has become unbearable.
So I bought the anti-squeal shims from Lexus and put them in this morning. Easy peasy.
The shims appeared to be exactly like the old ones except for age. They were 1mm thick, stainless steel and hard rubber backing.

The brakes are now rock solid; better than ever. No squeal. Will it work? Time will tell.