Falken St-115's or Goodrich Sport or Bridgestone G3's ?

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May 3, 2003
Melb, Aus
My son is looking at these for his modded turbo Nissan (rear drive). Currently has Simex tyres which seem fairly hard and long wearing, just not a lot of grip. Also has been suggested BFGoodrich Sport or Bridestone Potenza G3's.
If he wants good grip, Bridgestone S-03 (not sure if it's the same as G3 you mentioned) or Goodyear F1 GSD3 are the way to go, alternatively Kumho MX or Falken 451 if he's on a low budget. Falken ST-115 is more geared towards comfort and very low noise, but doesn't offer as much grip as the 451 or others I mentioned. Don't know anything about Goodrich Sport you mentioned.
The Goodrich Sport is a new tyre here. Interesting about the Falken. I belive he was told the opposite about the 451 & 115. Have read the Goodyear F1 is good but haven't priced then here. The tyres mentioned above are around the $250-280 each.
I am not sure exactly what is available there but in the US the Yokohama ES 100 is a very popular all-round performance tire because of its price to performance ratio. Gene
Spoke to the local tyre centre and they said they sold a lot of Yoko 539's but not may of the ES100's so couldn't comment on their performance. I was surprised because the difference wasn't that much. $250 for the 539's compared to $275 for the ES100's.
Bang for your buck would be Falken Azenis Sport. Driven the S03 on a porsche and it was nice, but I didnt take it to the limit since it wasnt my car. Personally had Yokohama es100 and i don't suggest them for the track.
Falkens have been very popular here, however I have been told that this is because they were considerably cheaper that equivalents. This is not the case anymore so the value for money equation has changed. The Falkens are similarly priced to the other tyres mentioned and supposedly not quite as good particualry in the wet.
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