Failed Trip To Get Beef Liver

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I don't like ANY kind of liver but moving a dead turkey to get your liver shouldn't have been a big deal.
Maybe someone else left the turkey there for him? Or it was for you.

I think the dead turkey might have been placed there to try to discourage me from calling him any more and to get me to buy my liver somewhere else. I'll get my liver at the farmers market or the grocery store or butcher and I'm sure I won't see any disgusting things like dead turkeys there.
Not a big deal, so I'll pay a few bucks more, it's not going to break me.
Some people are very strange.
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You need a thick skin here, not unlike that of the liver you cook.
On some facebook food forums they frown on food bashing of other people's posts. One lady would give 1 warning to such things and the next offense would get you removed from the forum. It's one thing to say you don't like a food, but some replies can be rude and unnecessary.
What I get from the original post is that Mr Luke has concerns about the liver guy's sanitary practices, not that he doesn't understand where meat comes from.

I say it was a worthwhile trip. I wouldn't want to buy anything else from there, either, after seeing what you saw. Your description gives me a Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe. Maybe the guy was off wearing a mask somewhere?

I'm reminded of a tourist trap I stopped at north of Albuquerque. The guy built and sold Pueblo-style ladders as well as decorations like painted cow skulls and turtle shells. I said I had just graduated college, and he offered me a job "cleaning the heads," and then showed me the part of the property where that happened. Importantly, that work was separated from customers, and no food was involved.
I would have called the police, needs to be checked out. Of course then he will think it was you who called, so on the other hand.
Liver is the most nutritious food on earth, FYI.
I've been eating beef liver 1x a week for a year or more.
It keeps me balanced.
While spending my youth in Alaska, had the opportunity to kill a couple moose. The liver was the first thing to be eaten, far better than beef, in my opinion.
You're advocating calling the man with a gun for what exactly?
What do you think from the description in the post? The police do have guns, what does that have to do with anything? 100% should call the police to see what the guy is doing there.
We ate liver often growing up, and I used to buy chicken livers to put in rice all the time. When my mother made brain though, that was the line for everyone. She liked it I guess. Going to throw up now.
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