Factory turbo Honda?

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Jan 31, 2006
I hear that the Acura RDX will be coming out and it will have a 4-banger turbo! The RDX will be a smaller SUV than the MDX. I just hope Honda will see the light about turbos as a solution to their torque issues. Maybe put it on SI models like a Civic, or a top of the line S2000?
I raised an eyebrow when I read that, and to me it seems an admission that Honda can't make a torquey small engine. I also think people are generally still suspicious of turbo life, so that might backfire on them. Still, it should be a hoot (or as much as it can be with an automatic). But I'd rather have a wagon than a ute.
im not a huge fan of the turbo on all sport compacts idea. i'm just not a fan of the end-all-be-all gotta-have-more-horsepower-so-i-can-get-up-to-80-in-stoplight-drag-races. when it comes to it, there's no replacement for displacement. if you want to tow 4 friends or a boat, you're going to need a big engine. but if you're accellerating a 2 seater, light-chassis'd vehicle you dont need tons of torque. anyway, im an (NA) honda fan. i can't even drive as fast as mine can go, so there's no sense in speeding up the car if the driver's not up to par.
It not really possible to make an outrageously torquey small engine, as displacement ultimately determines torque output...unless you put some forced induction on it. Since HP is a function of both torque and RPM, Hondas spin fast to make good HP, but torque is still what you'd expect in a small engine. Since Honda's cars tend to have relatively small engines, they also tend to lack torque (V6 models excluded).
Honda made fantastically reliable turbo engines for F-1,small displacement V6 developing outrageous amount of HP and torque with stratospheric levels of boost,if they could do that,I am sure their turbo would be an extremely reliable typically Honda offering.
Being a performance nut, I am interested in seeing Honda use a turbo on performance models. Most of the time you can get better hp/weight ratio with a 4turbo than a V6. Plus, when not revving the engine you can get better mpg than a V6 with the same power(yes, even with that "same power" V6 not being revved too). Also, I don't think Honda ever claim to be able to build "torquey" small engines. Has anyone? "There's no replacement for displacement?" Maybe not for stump pulling, but for everything else there is. Have you driven a turbo lately? Go drive the new Mazda 6 turbo, Legacy turbo, STI, Mitsu Evo, or even the VW turbos. Now we just have to work on RWD!
My old '85 Accord had some torque down low. It wasn't much, but it had 99 ft-lb @ 3500 rpm, and 86 hp @ 5800 rpm. Since it only weighed 2337 lbs, it was fun to drive....as long as it wasn't on the freeway. [Smile] Very different experience than my '95 which has very little torque below 3k, and almost none below 2k.
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