Eye safety message to share.

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Yes, it is nasty. Everyone, even paid safety types, needs to remind themselves about safety before we tinker so we don't grow complacent.
The internet has become such a wonderfull tool this video was found and presented by a valve tech who presented her own safety meeting this morning.

Anyhow, fall project time for many at home so be carefull.

The same way peaople strick themselves in the head with wrenches(common when pulling a tool and it slips)

Where do they keep their tools? Above their faces? When I was three I was taught a little rhyme that covered that sort of safety issue.
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I have personally investigated sveral worksite accidentd involving people striking themselves in the face with wrenches when it slipped off the nut. Granted, I am talking about using 1" to 2.5" nut size combo wrenches. They usually strike themselves in the face hard enough to cause a laceration requiring sutures.

It's been a while but if people can do it...I have unfortunately seen it.

I have a story I will always remember because..I was the safety man who had to interview and investigate this incident.
A female worker sitting on a screw jack stand watching a welder work when she got up the plywood she had placed ontop of the pipe jackstand to support her bottom fell down. Being an industrial noisy environment she did not hear the plywood fall off of the now exposed pipe of the pipe jackstand. She planted herself squarely on the pipe reciveing abrasions right up where you think I am talking about..... It was fun getting that statement and seeing the medical report!
I've hit myself in the eye with a wrench and with a pair on pliers, luckily no damage. when you are working on something at eye level it is not hard to do.

I now have prescription safety glasses (i have to wear them at work) so I am wearing my safety glasses all the time.
The best was the DEA guy who shot himself in the foot in a classroom demo. YouTube, I think.

I got a machine shop solvent in my eye working in a factory one summer during college. My one-eyed boss (guess how) didn't have a clue for what to do. I wore out the water fountain lever, and headed to the nurses office (thank you, union).

Safety glasses have never been a problem for me. But, uhh, hearing protection, safety lines . . . .

when you are working on something at eye level it is not hard to do.

I don't do that even if I wear goggles. Even if I work under the car I will not hold a tool right above my face. I admit to having dropped an x-acto knife in my crotch once...
I have never purchased a weed wacker, but they should include a pair of safety goggles in the box. "Cant say we didn't give you eye protection" would be a good legal defence. I am suprised the # of people weed wacking with no glasses, mowing the lawn with sandals etc. etc etc.
I started hating weed whackers when I noticed my car was being pelted by stones as I drove by someone using one. Then I tried one myself, and have confirmed they should have never been invented. I happen to like seeing grass swaying in the wind.
Yep, the weed whacker is particularly dangerous, but I never wear safety glasses while mowing the lawn (guess I'll start). Our local NAPA sells nice 3M safety glasses. I'll pick up a set next time I go. I drive a truck for a living and couldn't work w/one eye.
We see far too many of those sorts of accidents at the eye institute here in Philadelphia. I'm in my 2nd year of optometry school, and while that was a wild incident, he is absolutely right. However his "shark" eye actually looks like the surgeons did a fantastic job making it look better. I feel sorry for anyone who loses any vision whatsoever, and I hope this video does remind many people to wear protection for everything they do.
Having previously worked in machine shops for years I got into the habit of wearing safety glasses.

The funniest 'pliers story' that I've heard is one that a former manager use to tell....a guy was trying to get a connector loose in some electronic gear, using some hemostsats. The hemostats slipped off, came up, and somehow he grabbed the strip of skin between his nostrils. It hurt, and evidently due to reflexes he clamped the hemostats shut, which then really hurt, so he then pulled them away, ripping a piece of skin out of hose, which instantly produced a stream of blood like stuck pig. The manager said that it all happened so quickly that people were stunned, and just watching the guy dance around and screaming for a bit.
My dad was repairing a septic pump once and told me to turn the power back on. Nothing like human fecal matter in the eyes (and nose, mouth, ears...) at 1000GPH.

I learned something valuable that day - if it has anything to do with sewage you should call a plumber (and tell him to wear safety glasses).
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