ExxonMobil Warranty

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Aug 30, 2004
I meant to post this a while back, but forgot. I called ExxonMobil in curiousity regarding their 1yr/15K warranty for their EP oils. Here are the responses I received on the phone, going from memory: 1) Can I use M1 EP in the correct grade and go by the OEM drain interval? No, M1 EP is not for use in cars covered by a warranty 2) If my car is under warranty, and I follow the M1 EP 1yr/15K drain interval, will the warranty still a pply? No 3) If I use M1 EP 5w30 in a 5w20 app, will the 1yr/15K warranty still apply? No This is probably a [Duh!] for most people though. Forgive me if its a repizzle.
I don't get the first two. 1) Factory should warranty the car, EP is API SL rated, it is at least as good as any other SL oil. 2) Why would they care if you have a factory warranty or not?! You spoke to a rep on her moody days of the month? [Razz]
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