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Nov 6, 2003
Akron, OH
I was on Mobil's consumer site, looking for details about their auto oils. Does anyone know if Mobil has any automotive-use lubricants except for Mobil 1 and Drive Clean? I'm asking because I had 21 PPM of Sodium in a recent UOA, and the dealer told me that the oil in that vehicle when I bought it was "Mobil 5w30." This oil was installed in late July 2003. My real concern here is radiator fluid contaminating my oil. PS - Does anyone have an analysis for a Drive Clean or any other Mobil conventional oils sold in the US in the last year? I tried searching the VOAs, but no dice.
Thanks for that link. Lately I've been poking through some MSDS for different products. It's funny, the Mobil 1 (which I KNOW) isn't what I got, actually has % of ZDDP listed, and LISTS phosphorous as an ingredient.. but chooses not to discuss quantities. Oh well, I'll keep poking around.
The oil was changed at Vandevere's downtown location, a dealer of Buicks, Pontiacs and Olds. The oil was apparently changed when the previous owner traded it in, based on records and a sticker.
The are on the bulk GM Goodwrench oil program and are bying 5w30 and 10w30. I deal with Calvin in parts. Do you need more info or spec sheets?
So the oil previously in my crankcase can be assumed to be bulk GM oil.. apparently made by Mobil, or at least alleged to be made by Mobil by my dealer. The question, and I don't really expect you to have an answer for this, is "What is the PPM of sodium in the 5W30 that was installed in this vehicle?" I'm guessing there are no UOAs or VOAs on this oil (except for my singular UOA). Mobil has an MSDS for this product. It is titled something like "Mobil 5W30 (GM)" but sadly it lacks sodium PPM. I'm gonna' go ahead and conclude that I have antifreeze contamination in my oil, based on the 21 PPM of sodium in my last UOA. No Mobil Drive Clean analysis (the only Mobil conventional I've seen analyzed) has turned in over 1 PPM of sodium. In fact, no conventional 5W30 I've seen tested has sodium that high.
One thing to look into is what type of engine you have. GM has a long history of intake manifold gasket failures. If you suspect antifreeze contamination, it may just as well be the start of the gasket going bad. I can't remember exactly which engines they were, but the were in the V6 category.
The engine is an LT1 installed in a '96 Chevy Caprice. And the analysis was by Blackstone. If you want to look at the UOA, I posted it on this board.
I asked when I bought my car in June 2001. At that time most of the GM dealers here were using a bulk Mobil synthetic blend. I would assume it's similar to the Drive Clean Blend if not the same. It's still what they use.
True. The perception I have noticed with my accounts is that they come to have there car serviced by the dealer not because they use a certain oil. $2+ a quart is probably right. Thanks
Haley, where are you from or what dealers were using blend. I have or I was told the 2 or 3 largest single car dealer on that product. I supply many dealer here in the Cleveland area with GM bulk product but it has never beena blend. Are you sure thats what your dealer is using. And yes the best person is George to contact regarding Mobil oils.
Scooter, I'm sure it's not a very big account at all, but yes I believe it is the blend for sure. I like their service dept. and these guys shoot pretty straight.
Hmmm Scooter don't remember exactly. I don't use it myself. My old lady uses it, but I don't. I took her car last year and it seems like they itemized something around $2.00+ per quart on the bill. People that want dealer service rather than Jiffy Lube couldn't care less anyway. If it was too cheap then she'd be worried.
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