Exxon SuperFlo motor oil

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Feb 14, 2003
Western Michigan
I got a super deal on this oil at K-Mart 79 cents a quart. I bought a couple of cases. Has anyone used this oil and what are your thoughts on it? I wonder if it is the same as Mobil drive clean? Thanks, Dennis [Patriot]
It is a very good oil for low wear but won't go very long ( < 4000 miles) without cooking off. Price is right. It is not the same formula as drive clean.
SigShooter , First of all... [Welcome!] Welcome to the forum If you think 79 cents/quart is good, go to Exxon Superflo Rebate Now, how's 49 cent/quart grab you? Superflo seems to be an above-average performer in standard drain intervels according to some of the experts I've read. [LOL!] (Him maybe?) Do a search of the forums and dig-in. BTW,Somehow over a dozen of those cases followed me home from K-mart! [Big Grin] Mark [ February 18, 2003, 06:31 PM: Message edited by: rugerman1 ]
That is what I am using.... Superflo 5W30 and 10W30 in 4 of my 5 vehicles... Could not resist the sales at KMart and the rebate forms... I have been switching over from Mobil Drive Clean... I want to standardize on one brand if I can... I am stuck in the 3000 Mile mode however for changes... use only Wix or Baldwin Filters...
Thanks for the replies guys. I feel better now knowing that it is an alright motor oil. I kinda thought it should be. I always change every 3 mos or 3000 miles anyway. Hey Rugerman1 I see you are from Pittsburgh, I am formerly from Altoona, Pa. and the wife from McKeesport.I made several trips back there last year and her parents have a house in McKeesport that needs sold.Sorry for the off topic, thanks again for the feedback. Dennis [Patriot]
Yep, I believe those two oils are one in the same. They used to make a really good synthetic oil too, Terry mentioned it to me that I should run it if I could find it, but it's not made any longer. I believe it was called Ultron or something like that.
Esso Superflo and Esso Ultron are still available here, although with the Exxon-Mobil merger I don't know what the future holds.
I used The Exxon Superflo Synthetic for a couple of years. It came in a gold colored bottle versus the red bottle for the dino. I used to get it for $2.77/qt on sale all the time. I kick myself for not stocking up [Bang Head] . You can't get it here any more. Ironically my 4cyl Ford Zetec motor didn't "use" any oil with the Exxon syn. but with Mobil1 it does seem to use a little, depending upon the type of driving done. Whimsey
Esso is the non-US name for Exxon products.......go to Europe sometime and you will find that name there too for all Exxon gas and oil products.
Originally posted by Greg: i thought esso was superflo as well.
Our local BJ's Warehouse store carries Esso oil. I thought that was odd since I never see Esso anywhere else.
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