Exxon SuperFlo 5w 30 for Nissan 2.5L

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Jul 18, 2004
I have a 2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V 2.5L 4 banger. At 1000 miles I changed the oil with GC 0w-30 and then again at 3000 with a Nissan Filter. At 5000 I switched to Exxon SuperFlo 5w-30 because my mileage seemed crappy 26 MPG. Now with the Exxon I am getting about 28 MPG. Is this oil good enough for my new engine?
I've been using the superflo stuff for my beaters. For a spec V, I would be using syn especially a new car. The reason why your getting better gas mileage on the superflo than GC is because superflo is a light 30 wt at 10.4 visc 100. GC is apprx 12 visc 100c. it's a thick 30wt. the 0w-30 might have fooled ya. since mpg is a priority with you, I would use Mobil 1 5w-30. It will match the mpg as the superflo and some cases surpass it. As well as run cleaner and extended OCI.
Nissans are tough, well made vehicles according to anyone I know who owns one. You don't have to use a synthetic. A good 5w30 or 10w30 (10w30 preffered for Florida as long as your owner's manual approves) dino will give you years of service. I don't have much experience with Superflo, I like Chevron, Hvoline and Motorcraft. [ July 20, 2004, 07:17 PM: Message edited by: mikemc ]
A dino 5w30 like the superflo will shear down to a 20 weight quickly, thats probably why your getting better mileage. I ran superflo 10w30 for 2000 miles and it sheared pretty badly, it protectly well enough though. Anyway, try a thin 30wt like M1, or even try one of the thicker syn 20 weights. Or if you want to stick with dino use 10w30.
If your not abusing the motor, any 5w-30 dino will work fine. Nissan makes a pretty tough motor. I put 107,000 miles on an 80 510, 287,000 miles on an 87 Sentra and 220,000 miles on a 96 Sentra. I used 10w-30 on the 80 & 87 and 5w-30 on the 96, whatever dino was on sale. That being said, I am using Mobil 1 5w-30 in my 04 Altima 2.5s and it is great.
I have the same car, but mine is an '03, purchased in March of that year. Nissan recommends mineral oils but I think manufacturers have their heads up their @$$e$ when they make mineral vs. synthetic recommendations. [Roll Eyes] My car's maintenance history has been a mess of overly-frequent oil changes due to freebies from the dealership (some connected to engine recalls) and my own anal-retentive compulsiveness. [Wink] However, this past April (at around the 17,600 mile mark) I dumped the Red Line 5W-30 I was using all winter and began using Schaeffer Supreme 7000 synthetic blend in 5W-30. A real Group II+ & PAO blend with a great additive package. I also changed out the crappy OEM Nissan air filter which was both warped and very dirty for a Purolator element. My mileage, which had consistently averaged 28.3mpg during my first year of ownership, instantly jumped to an average of 31mpg. I think four factors weighed in: The engine had finally (fully) broken in, the new air filter, the newer oil and the warmer ambient temps. I'll be doing a UOA on this batch in a few weeks (I'll post results here in mid-August) and we'll see if this stuff sheared down any. Since the mileage boost was immediate and it hasn't changed throughout the interval, I seriously doubt it. [No no] And after around 4,000 miles to date, I just checked the level on the dipstick and it hasn't budged from the full mark. [Big Grin] If I were in Florida, I'd run the same brand of oil, only in 10W-30 weight. If you live in Florida where it occasionally gets down near the freezing mark, you could switch to 5W-30 for the coldest months ... although I think that's just being extra picky. But then again, we are at BITOG. [Wink] How about Exxon Superflo for your motor? That's a good question. Only a UOA will show you how this stuff is doing in your QR25DE. Of course, any SL oil will be OK for modest (3,000 mile) oil change intervals. --- Bror Jace
Sport Compact Car says the QR25DE isn't fully broken until you have 6,000 miles on the clock. Bror sorry but I took this from one of your posts.Since I too have a 2004 SE-R 10 less HP than the Spec V (Exhaust System)and love my SE-R.That statement is very true my wear levels are coming down and Blackstone recommended I change again at 3000 which would take me to 9000mi.I ran the breakin oil to 3000 put Castrol Syntec 10/30 a lookalike synthetic in and changed at 6000. The Syntec is coming out at 9000 and after reading how bad your mileage was with GC I think I will use the recommended weight 5/30 AMSOIL because it will be fall by then.So think about using something better after 6000 mi. [Big Grin]
I would go with a good quality dino 10w-30 until after 10,000 miles. The fuel economy should get better with more miles. I am driving a 94 altima with 130k miles and have used dino, semi synthetic, and synthetic. I am currently running Schaeffer's Supreme 10w-30 with lube control. I am getting similar performance to the Amsoil 10w-30 I was using at a lower price. If you want to stay with OTC, Mobil 10w-30 would be my choice.
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