Exxon dino oil

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Apr 11, 2003
Is the Exxon dino oil any good? I need 10-30 and 30 wt. Autozone is doing a deal, if you buy 5 qts, you get a free STP filter. richard
Good, the 30 wt will go into a boat with a 350 sterndrive. It will only see about 20 hours in a year. richard
I ran two oil changes , total of 6000 mi, of the Exxon 10/30 in my son's POS Buick beater with the 3.8 v6. The oil use doubled, compared to the Chevron/Havoline that was used before and after the Exxon. Since I keep all the records for the car, the Exxon was used during the same time of year and conditions as the Havoline, summer use was not the problem. I still have two quarts left of the Exxon, and it will be saved for the old push mower.
I bought 50 quarts of Exxon Semi-Synth for one cent each recently, it must be good at that price. I even have 6 quarts of Superflo Synth, paid a buck each...a decent oil, I believe.
I think Chevron gets better press on this forum than Exxon superflo.The Exxon could provide better results with more people trying it. [Smile]
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