Extended oil change intervals

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Sep 6, 2003
Loveland, Ohio
Whenever I have tried extending oil change intervals with Mobil 1, or even with regular oil, I find that oil consumption goes up. For instance, if my car burned 1 quart in 3000 miles, (when I used to change it), then the next quart would be required in about another 1000 miles. I take this to mean that either some of the additives are exhausted, or fuel dilution is increasing consumption, or? It then seems to require another quart every 1000 miles or so. I have changed viscosities, etc., trying a heavier oil, but in general oil consumption goes up. The latest car I tried this on was a 2001 Honda Oddyssey. It isn't low at 3000 miles, but it begins to drop below full at 4000, and it is a quart low at 4500. After that it will be a quart low within another 2000 miles. Comments?
My experience is that this is normal at least with me. However, it does not mean the oil is depleted or not doing its' job. UOA basically fine under these circumstances. Give it a try and see what the UOA says.
Going by UOA is fine, but if you have to add a quart every 1000 miles, specially synthetic, it doesn't seem to add up cost wise. ?
planned oil usage is already a part of some heavy diesel engine's design parameters
I other words, these engines are designed to consume oil at a programmed rate. This replenishes the oil's additive package( especially TBN ) and enables extended OC cycles
As oil resources diminish, and alternatives ( synthetics/ceramic engine components etc. ) show their true abilities expect more of this in engine design in our future
A universal problem is perception! We have been educated over the last few decades on engines with little if any oil consunption between OC cycles. The consumption of oil within the engine designer's guidelines should not be viewed as poor engine design or a lack of durability
My heavy diesels average about 1ltr/6?00 kms. They do this from almost new until well over one million kms. Sudden increased consumption however is another thing. As is the wear out factor of time and use

In my engines they use very little oil until around 30kkms after an OC and then progressively from there. Near the end of the OC cycle the actual use is about 1ltr/5000kms

I guess it depends on the engine. I switched my mother in law's 2003 Honda Civic over to Amsoil 10w30 at the first oil change around 3750 miles and the car now has about 13,850 miles on it and the oil consumption is barely readable on the stick. I would say 3-4 ounces. The car holds 3.5 quarts with filter. I had similar consumption on my toyota 22RE when I first swithced to AMSOIL. It went 25,000 miles with about 4 ounces used.

My powerstroke diesel seems to be using about a quart per 10k miles. It gets 15w40.
Some more recent Hondas do seem to consume a bit of oil, but what you describe with all your cars sounds a bit like engines that have slightly dirty oil control rings. And is not "normal". The rings being borderline sticky dirty, allow more and more dirty oil by - almost a vicious cycle with this dirt the rings don't seal and cause a faster and faster consumption - plus more combustion gasses get buy fouling the oil faster.

How many total miles on the latest car?

I would do the appropriate AutoRx treatment and then try Amsoil ATM 10W-30. I'll bet the pattern is broken. AutoRx is totally amazing at cleaning ring packs.

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