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Sep 8, 2005
San Diego
Can I get your opinion on something related to a Synthetic Lubricant? I promise I am not trying to sell anything. I need to know is this Snake Oil Or Do I have an exceptional product? I am dealing with a company that wants to sell me a patented formula of a Synthetic Lubricant. Below are it's claims. I really would appreciate any advice or comments based on the claims made below. I have left the name of the product out. The Ultimate in Synthetic Lubrication - Patented Formula It is 100% Synthetic with highest PTFE content in the industry. A Petroleum-Free product I have some data on my site for review. I have deleted the name of the actual product. Any feedback would be great. If you want to post this for me on the forum that would be ok too. I do not know of the best place to post this question. Go to
One thing I notice is that the literature on your web page does not mention the NLGI rating for the grease. What is the intended application of this product? The only industry comment was that the grease meets NLGI #2 which is simply a temperature application rating based on drop point. Ratings such as NLGI-Gx/Lx are the application ratings where GA/GB/GC relates to wheel bearing application and LA/LB relates to chassis lubrication. The literature that you cite makes no mention of either. If you are honestly intending to sell a product it is always wise to know your product, the industry that your product is related to and the needs of your customer. In the case of this grease, unless you're intending to sell it as a no-stick cooking oil I'd not get involved with this organization. DuPont, the inventor of Teflon, has stated in numerous papers that Teflon does not work in engine oil and I'd take that one step further and include high tack grease in that 'not intended use' application.
The patent owner claims it can be used on; chains, sprockets, cables, hinges, latches, bearings, cams, gears, valves, pumps, fans, blowers, conveyers, forklifts, industrial machinery, food processing equipment, construction equipment, electrical & electronic equipment, vehicles, automotive equipment, boating & marine equipment and virtually anything that requires lubrication. Feedback please
There are well proven greases on the market some with teflon which in the case of grease is fine. I can't see the magic. read the functions of grease on the opening page .This website has lots of information and pros on the oil subjects. You can learn all you need to know "almost" about lubrication by studying this sites archives.
There are already Dupont Teflon bicycle chain lubes...old technology, the marketplace is saturated with and tired of 'Teflon' products. Buying a patent? sounds like a hustle! Run away!
msenoff1, I can see right through your bull. You're trying to suck people here into looking at your "Marketing School" website. You Internet Hustlers have no shame.
If you don't really understand a business, don't put money into it. If you have to post on this board to get advice on buying the patent to a product because you can't evaluate the product yourself, you probably ought not invest in it. I'll bet that if this patent can produce a valuable product, it won't be any cheaper to produce or any better than its competitors. Either that, or it would be way too expensive for you to afford, unless you're featured in Forbes every year.
Originally posted by 427Z06: msenoff1, I can see right through your bull. You're trying to suck people here into looking at your "Marketing School" website. You Internet Hustlers have no shame.
Exactly. Wonder how much he's pulling in per click? msenoff1 Member Status: Junior Member Member Number: 8966 Registered: September 09, 2005 Posts: 2 Location: San Diego Occupation: Marketing Interests: Sales Marketing Buying Businessed Let's hope he's better at proofreading contracts when he's "Buying Businessed" [LOL!]
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