Experiences with "C" (cold cure) type Cerakote?

Sep 20, 2014
Seattle-ish, WA
Bottom lune question: How hard/scratch resistant/etc. does "C" (cold) type Cerakote cure?

I'm debating which cerakote to use on a revolver grip frame. I'm just doing a grip frame only for an old model Ruger Blackhawk and want to replicate a brass finish to liven up the boring gun a little. I've acquired a 2nd aluminum frame for the purpose so I can preserve the original.

Question is, Cerakote has two golds, the H (heat cured) two-part 122, and the C (cold cure) single-stage 7800. To my eye, the C-7800 looks like a better match to replicate brass. On the other hand, the H-122 is supposed to be harder, more scratch resistant, but it's also described as "shimmering" and "metallic" which is less a match for brass.

From someone with experience with both types of Cerakote, would the "C" be sufficient for a grip frame, or should I risk the slightly more "bling" look of the "H" for the added wear? If I have to go with the heat cure for the hardness, that's OK. But I'd rather try the color match of the C if it's good enough for this application. The gun is not going to see a lot of hard use.

H-122 Cerakote:


Original vintage Super Blackhawk brass Dragoon frame fit to a (non-Super) Blackhawk.
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