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Jun 11, 2002
Clarksville, Tennessee
Okay boys and girls, I've come to a sudden fortunate time in life. Besides going through all the troubles that I have had lately (divorce and such) I've also been blessed with a growing Amsoil Business.

You may or may not know but I would like someday to have Amsoil as my sole income that I would have. I'm currently working 2 Jobs plus doing Amsoil (on the side)

Within the next 12 months, I would like to quit one of my jobs and dedicate more time to Amsoil.

With that said, I have just qualified for "premier direct jobber" in the month of July. Now in August I'm getting pretty close to Executive direct jobber.

Each step is about a 50% increase in business and I'm now able to qualify for August, I will need the qualification for 3 months in a row in order to keep the title of "Executive Direct Jobber"

I'm asking for your help again. Besides my usual BITOG special I will be giving some prizes out for orders.

Here is a link to the current clothing and promotional items:

You can also get stickers, banners, etc if that is your wish. Oh and Don't forget the new DVD called "Abet J. Amatuzio, an American Success Story" $10 value.

Promotion amounts are as follows:

$75= $10 worth of stuff

$100= $15

$125= $20

$150= $25

$200= $30

This applies to orders that are emailed to me or called in to me

My contact info.

email contact page

Or call (877) 464-8798 toll free
or 931-801-9401 my cell number.
Way to go Michael!!
Becoming an AMSOIL Direct Jobber is no easy task.......going to the other levels requires hard work.
Keep up the good work as you deserve it!!
Just wanted to post up about my experience with Michael.

Great friendly guy . . . . returned my emails and answered my questions very promptly. His prices are great and the service is excellent. Ordered 9/12 . . . received an invoice and tracking # shortly after I paid . . . on truck for delivery to me on 9/14.

Can't recommend anyone else so highly.

His website is: http://www.lube-direct.com/

Hey if you really need to get in touch with me. Call me. 877-464-8798.

If I don't answer leave a message, I do return all phone calls. Be sure to give me your telephone number (slowly) so Ii can write it down.

Email is unreliable. I just recieved an email from someone, and replied with all the details only for the email to bounce as undeliverable.

So if you really want my "pricing" call me. That's the #1 best way to ensure getting in contact with me.
PM recieved and replied.

Telephone is best way to reach me. I am so sick of email it's not funny. It's either not getting through, gets lost with the 100's of spam that I get or something.

If I get an email from someone, I do reply. The question is it getting through. Please call (Toll Free 877-464-8798)

I'm all about customer service
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