Evian or Poland Springs Water?

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Dec 8, 2003
When out of distilled water, can spring water be used in the cooling system? I know San Pellegrino is out of the question since it has so much mineral content. [Wink]
Quite likely it depends. If most of the rock formations in the area are relatively insoluble such as granite or sandstone, it might not be too bad. Steel Blue could find it pretty bad in Alabama which has plenty of limestone. I think many here worry too much about mineral content. If you fill the radiator and add very little over say a 2 year period before changing, all but the worst water isn't going to cause a problem. If you are continually adding, it would be better to fix the leak. In the mean time, better listen to Ryan.
Originally posted by Ryan00TJ: Head to your local Wallmart for cheap Distilled water. 58 cents I found it for today.
Ditto as I do exactly that.
Originally posted by mf150: What are you guys talking about? I use the left over water from my dogs' bowl.
To each his own, right? [Big Grin]
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