Everyone: Let's Do a GC Burn Test (VOA)

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Jun 21, 2003
Hello everyone. In a light of recent and currently ongoing lively debate about German Castrol 0W-30 I was thinking if it worth to do a burn test VOA. It will ensure that we know base oils and most (if not all) of the components of the oil as well as general and detailed properties since Castrol (d_a_m_n them) doesn't post any technical info on their website. Terry mentioned that this test might cost as high as $400. I think that if people who are interested in discovering more information about GC would send only a few dollars (or more if you want to make a greater contribution to this project) we can gather enough money to pay Terry, Blackstone, or someone else to do a burn test. By doing a burn test we can clarify all questions and concerns we have and see if any of our assumptions about this oil were true. I hope Terry or other oil analysis people can give us more detailed information about burn test and how much would it cost. What do you think guys? Regards,
I'll chip in. I'd do it just to see what it is. I wish I was rich bc I'd take a bottle of the NON A3 rated one and send that off to be looked at too.
i thought about this weeks ago, we should all pay like 10 dollars, only 40 people needed. i would chip in a little somethin
I'm not sure about specifics but I guess lab burns a sample of the oil to read a its spectrographic signature. By spectrographic scale you can detect in which range components fall and compare it to your sample. Almost like astronomers detect composition of stars. As I said I'm not sure if that's how it's done in the lab. If it's the case it must be extremely difficult and you must have very precise equipment to recognize base oil (additives should not be a problem) because as MoleKule indicated in his article there are more than 250 PE base oils available. Thus even small deviation in this test can produce a significant error. I don't know if they can detect a certain % of specific base oil in the sample (like 40% PAO, 10% PE, and etc). Terry or MoleKule have to fill in on this. Regards, [ November 08, 2003, 06:59 PM: Message edited by: Titanium_Alloy ]
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