Ever done this?

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Apr 1, 2006
SW Indiana
Got halfway through my oil change and, after draining the oil and taking off the old filter, guess what? Yep, forgot to get a new filter. Now normally this would not be a problem, but since I live in a small town where our only ap store closes at 5pm, and it happened to be 6pm at the time, this presented somewhat of a major irritation, if not a problem. Fortunately, my inlaws were up from FL and we were all going to dinner, so I cleaned up, ate like a good boy, laughed and talked while all the time thinking about my poor truck sitting up on ramps at the house thirsting desperately for its next batch of TA 5W-30. Anyway, we had to end up driving about 40 miles round trip out of the way to an AZ, where I purchased a Bosch filter (carefully avoiding the orange boxes) for $5.19 (ouch!) Then I finally made my way back home, finished the job, and cleaned up, all the time kicking myself in the a$$ for being so stupid. Next trip to Wally World will result in a collection of ST filters on the shelf...this will NOT happen again!!! [Duh!]
Yeah did that once, drained all the oil out, realized I didn't have a new filter(forgot to buy one...). Since I would have had to put the new oil in and drive it to get to the auto store 10 miles away, I just cut my losses and said "I will change it at the next change".
I have never forgotten to purchase the filter but about a year ago I stacked up on some TropArtic and to go along with that I bought enough filters to last until the oil was depleted. I ended up using some of the stash for my dads car and the next change I found myself with a filter but no oil. I discovered this, of course, after the oil was drained and new filter already in place. To make matters worse, my driveway is so uneven that in order to change the oil, I have to park my truck sideways behind my wifes car to acheive a level surface, so my wifes car was blocked in and I have no oil. My dad couldnt stop laughing when I called him to bring me to the store and get the oil.
I went to Advance Auto one time to get a gasket and filter and oil for my auto tranny. I got home, dropped the plug, removed the pan, cleaned it, and only then found out that they gave me the wrong stuff. Got a ride to get the right filter and no one had anything listed other than what I had. Got back home, put the old stuff back on, filled it with fresh fluid and had to wait a week for the right stuff to come in.
Originally posted by Ray H: I painted myself into a corner 30 years ago. Still there...
^^^^^^^^ [LOL!] When I was a child, I asked my dad one time when we were talking about fire and burning, etc, in all seriousness, when was the worst time he'd been burned. He told me without cracking a smile and without missing a beat, "When I got married."
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