European Boutique oil

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I was looking at that 5w-40 Silkolene just recently too. Very spendy at over 9 bucks a liter. Buying 6 quarts plus a filter for me would be over $70 bucks for an oil change. [freaknout] Seems to have some very nice specs though.
I don't know though about the flashpoint being 383F. [I dont know] Seems a little low for such an expensive oil.
Tempting, but expensive. If I had a really fat car, I'd go for it. has PentoSynth for a lot less.
Fuchs oils are well known in Europe and Australia, unfortunately not here in the US. I think they are overpriced for the US market. These high oil prices are not uncommon in the EU or AU.
The best synthetic lubes in the world are made right here in the US ...I wouldn't bother with the European stuff .... Seriously though, that's true ...Mobil 1 and Castrol SLX - the GC, 0w-30 - are considered two of the best oils in Europe and Amsoil, Redline, Synergyn, etc all produce world class synthetic lubes.... The PAO and/or Ester based European lubes do tend to be better than the cheap, GP III synthetics you find on retail shelves in the US and Canada .... Tooslick Dixie Synthetics
not to hijack your thread, but on the topic of european "boutique oils," has anyone used lubro-moly brand oils? sells several lines of their oil, (they're a good source for older audi parts by the way) but i never tried them and haven't heard of them from anywhere else i can recall.
As far as the Llubro-Moly, I suppose you have to read the label to see what is the latest spec it meets and what applications is it recommended for. I suspect it is a garden-variety 1998 A3 oil. Blaufergnugen is a very reputable supply house, they might have some answers for you. I would skip it, M1 and GC should suffice, they meet the latest VW 505, 503.01 long-life specs. Again, the PentoSynth at is cheap and might be a newer brew. The Llubro-Moly gear oils look tempting though. [ December 21, 2003, 02:38 AM: Message edited by: TSoA ]
If you want to get your ester oil grove on then just buy some Redline from our Redline site sponsor! For less then $7 a quart it is greatttt stuf! It is also home grown here in the USA. It supports a site that supports this site. Just make sure you tell them you herd about them from "Bob is the oil guy" and they will give you a discount!
Good point on the American made Redline. With all the revulsion towards France, why are so many here giving Germany a pass and frantically searching for the German made Castrol? How much help/hinderance with the war are we getting from the Netherlands? Is it time for me to drop Pennzoil?
I use Silkolene Pro 4 10/40 in all my bikes - says made in the Uk on the pack...oooh,they won the World Cup,looks like I better find somewhere else to get my oil eh?
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