Euro A3/B4 Synthetics in Asian GDI Engines ?

Sep 10, 2010
Some people believe stepping up to a 0w40 or 5W40 Euro A3/B4 Synthetic oil is doing them good in a Hyundai , Kia , etc. GDI engine versus the 5W30 (SP , G-6 , D1G3) rated oil shown in the owner's manual . *The concern I would have - even with M1 0W40FS (closest rating to a 5W30) is the ash content that exceeds 1% (potential cause for IVD) using low SAP USA gasolines . To me , a HTHS of 3.2 ~ 3.5 would be more in line to what I would be looking for in a 5W30 meeting say SP , GF-6 or D1G3 approvals with less than 1% ash ... Any suggestions ?
The amount of deposits in part depend on the design of PCV system.

There are A3/B4 which are also SP because a lot of the Euro certs have been updated over the years. Ex Pennzoil Euro 5w40

You could always move to a ACEA C3 in 40w.
I used m1 esp 5w30 (nearly w40 and higher hths) and regular API SN+ 5w30. TBH there is not much to be gained especially for a casual sedan driver (UOA performed). I prefer regular syn 5/10w30 over the higher hths formula, the w30 is a good buffer for dilution. M1 EP 10w30 is working great for summer although I could probably use it year round.
Okay, are you telling me if I wanted a more robust oil for my 2017 Honda Accord then I could use a Euro specified midsaps oil? I guess if somebody could give me a list or some examples of what I can possibly use. Thank you


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What about it?
The concept of a "euro" oil is somewhat changed these days although it still generally represents an HT/HS on the high side for a given grade. This gives more protection from wear than an oil with a lower HT/HS. But I'd say the biggest advantage is that most European approvals have higher oxidation resistance standards, as well as higher standards for deposit control and things like ring sticking. Except for a small reduction in fuel economy there are valid reasons for that recommendation and they are all positive.

Besides that very small reduction in fuel economy what are the negatives you see?
I have a jug of PP Euro L 5W-30 that will be going into a Subaru Ascent with the FA24F - TGDI, no port injection. Subaru calls for 0W-20. There’s reports these engines are hard on oil - and the Ascent is just an overgrown Outback. I’m also going to switch a Lexus RX450h over to 5W-30 D1G2/3 oil for the duty it sees.

Personally, I have no qualms running 0W-20 in a “normal”, not stressed(meaning no heavy loads like towing/off-roading, long trips or Uber use) or turbo’d Japanese/US engines, GDI or not.
There is nothing wrong with using Euro synthetics in your Asian car, but remember that A3/B4 requires HTHS at least 3.5

You could use A5/B5 with HTHS 2.9-3.5

That said, the popular PP Euro L or any other dexos2 would be a good choice. dexos2 is based on C3