Esso XD-3 Extra 0/40 ?

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Jun 4, 2002
Do any of you that live up North or in Canada have any experience with the Esso XD-3 Extra 0/40 ? I also have heard of a 5/40 Ultron but cannot locate it on the web. Any pricing on the 0/40 you can post ? Here is the page,while there read " Esso on Glycol " in newer oil formulations. Glycol Negativity (During colorimetric glycol testing, some new oils will show positive results. This can be confusing and expensive for conscientious operators. ESSO XD-3 EXTRA is glycol negative meaning that if there is no coolant in the oil, the test will not give you a false indication that it is present.) Which might be related to this that I posted awhile back?;f=4;t=000132 Esso site: which will not display the page for some reason,you have to hit product info,then Industry,then Forestry to find the XD-3 Extra 0/40 [ January 23, 2003, 11:09 AM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
I always fill up at Esso for gas so next time I'm there I'll see if I spot this stuff. I don't recall ever seeing it though.
Esso XD-3 0W40 was re-formulated last year after the CI-4 specs were introduced. The new version is lighter colored at a 3.5 instead of 7. The VI is down a little, and the 40C up a little along with the flash point. When this oil first came out I tried it in two vehicles with good results. One of the engines had a highly loaded valve train which "lived" through the test. Esso lists the oil as a PAO. I think the current wholesale price is around $3.90 CDN/litre or $2.80 USD/qt.
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