Esso XD-3 availability

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Jun 4, 2005
Richmond, BC
I just heard about Esso XD-3 yesterday and came across the address and phone number for an Esso bulk plant in Cloverdale. However, they do not stock the product and gave me an alternate location to contact.

M.R. Smith
3100 Underhill
Burnaby, BC
(604) 420-4331

This location is in the Lake City industrial park off the Lougheed Highway. They oversee the Esso commercial card lots in Greater Vancouver.
They did not have any of the oil in stock. I ordered some today (Thursday) and they will have it next Wednesday. I orderded a case -12 bottles x 1 litre @ $4.28/litre plus tax, whic his more than what I saw quoted on this site yesterday. They also can get 4 litre bottles @ the same price per litre as the smaller bottles.

The woman I spoke to stated this product is a semi-synthetic. Is it not a full synthetic?

Does anyone have any experience as to the effect on fuel economy this oil provides relative to whatever they are accustomed to using? I gather it is not an energy-conserving oil and don't want my MPG to suffer by switching to it.

And one **** of a 3.0 litre V6,

Just curious they dont delievr do they??
The 3.0 litre engine does, but I can't speak for Esso. I suspect they would ship it to the US if it was pre-paid by credit card or COD or whatever. See if they will label it as a gift at nominal value to cut down on any customs fees.

It would be best to order it from the Esso bulk dealeship closest to you, ie. not from BC if you live in New York, but from say Toronto or Montreal or Windsor, Ontario, which is right across the river from Detroit.
I went from M1 10w30 to Esso XD-3 15w40 with no significant change in fuel efficiency. I run a 1.6l 4-banger Civic.

ONLY 0w30 and 0w40 XD-3 oils are 100% PolyAlphaOlefin (PAO) = Full Synthetic. Other grades are not 100% PAO (unknown composition, but similar add pack, so you can blend if you wish). Can get 15w40 even cheaper at PC stores (bottled in PC containers).

0w40 is more expensive than 0w30 and that may explain the diff in $$ you got quoted before. Be clear with them on what grade you wish to buy. This is darn good oil in Canada.
Thanks, it was the Esso XD-3 in 0W30 that I ordered as I run 5W30 in my 95 Maxima. It has 59,000 mostly highway miles on it and has seen Castol GTX 5W30 for most of its life. I've owned the car since day 1. Am I likely going to see any change in fuel economy from switching over. I know VelociRacer hasn't in coming over from M1.

My car has a 3.0 litre V6 DOHC engine.
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