Esso XD-3 0W40 Synthetic, Anyone?

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Mar 10, 2003
Calgary AB
I just bought some 0w30 and saw this 0W40. I was tempted but already had enough 0W30 to do a change with an additional 4L.

Might use this in the summer. For the Canadians, it's about $10 cheaper than Rotella for 4L.

Any opinions? I suppose it's a good oil seems to be well qualified with industry ratings. I like the price the best.
Before I switched to Delvac 1, I ran Esso XD-3 0W-30 in winter in my heavy equipment and personal equipment. In summer, I ran Esso XD-3 15W-40 in all my equipment.

Even +22 years ago, I thought the Shell Rotella was overpriced for what it delivered. Why pay more when a comparable oil offers just as much, if not more, for less? It seems every little burg in Canada has an Esso Bulk Plant so the XD-3 is very easy to find.

Always had excellent results. Those folks appear to have good engineers working for them.

Matter of fact, if the price of Delvac 1 goes any higher, I may be tempted to go back to Esso XD-3.

Another fact I'm sure you've noticed: Unlike Mobil, Esso has no problem publishing very detailed oil test results.

I've already helped some folks find a good cold winter oil for their cars, which is the Esso XD-3 0W-30. It seems you can't get Mobil 1 0W-30 in Canada, and the Esso XD-3 is almost as good. Also half the price of Mobil 1 5W-30, with better cold temp results than M1 5W-30.

Call Imperial Oil techline and see what they recommend for running the XD-3 0W-40 in summer. They don't recommend running the 0W-40 in summer in heavy equipment. Cat and Cummins have a cutoff of around 20 C / 68 F.

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