Esso XD-3 0W30/Mobil10W30?

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Jan 9, 2004
anybody used the esso 0W30 in gas engines?

I called esso tech. and they said it's approved for gas engine use but is not 'fuel efficiency' approved. don't really care about the fuel economy. The oil seems very similar to GC(40degrees C =71/ 100degrees C =12.1) The TBN is 12.
Here's the kicker though. It's a full synthetic that costs $45Cdn. for 12/ 1L bottles.

My second choice is either M1 0W30 or GC.
The oil will go into a 92 Legend V6 with 45K, a 94 Accord with 110K and a 99 Quest 3.3 with 105K. Aiming for 2X/year OCI in spring and fall since each vehicle gets less than 20000km's/12000miles per year.

here's the pdf data sheet

Im running the Esso XD-3 15W-40 in my 2000 5.2L Dodge ram. This dual rated oil seems to make my ram hold a steady oil pressure, even at hot idle, more so then convential 10w-30 PCMO's would. I feel more confortable using it. I do plan on running either the 0w30 or 0w40 this winter. As you stated its a steal as a full synth at 4.25 give or take per litre Canadian funds. Patman this oil along with all the other XD-3 line of oil can be found at your local bulk Esso dealer. Hope this helps.

Originally posted by Patman:
I've never seen that oil for sale up here, where are you buying it from?

NOCO carries the esso/mobil line.
$45Cdn. for 12/1L bottles of a 0W30 PAO full synthetic.

I got quoted $44Cdn. for 6/1L bottles of Mobil1 0W20-30-or 40.

Mr. Ram- you haven't tried the 0W30 yet?

I haven't tried anything outside the Xd-3 15W-40 yet. It was actually Hejay that turned me onto this oil. Where has he been lately? I sure enjoyed reading his posts. I will be trying either the 0w-30 or 0w-40 full synth for the upcoming winter months (Nov - March)
Will report back then
Any Esso XD-3 users looking for an awesome deal on 15w-40 should check out President's Choice 15w40 at Superstore and the other Loblaws grocery stores. The President's Choice oil is refined and bottled by Esso and the 15w40 is actually XD-3 in a President's Choice container.

This information was confirmed by a production manager at Edmonton's Imperial Esso, Strathcona refinery, in April. In Edmonton XD-3 is currently priced at around $2.99/L and the PC 15w40 is $1.89/L.

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