Esso tire pumps, No more Free air!

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Aug 22, 2004
It's bad enough getting hit with high gas prices, now it costs 50 cents at the local Esso to pump up your tires! [Mad] It looks to be a company wide changeover, every station I checked had the new shiny pay pumps. Bye ,bye Esso. I'm moving my gas purchases to your competitors.
Hey that's not as bad as the .75 the local rape, er, air machines cost. It started with one station charging a quarter while everybody else was free. Then two quarters. Now every station for miles is seventy five cents.
Get yourself a $9.99 mini compressor, and a 4.99 pressure gauge. I air up and set the pressure when the car is in the garage, and the tires good and cold anyways. When drive to the gas station, it is no longer the "cold" tire pressure.
12v pumps are great when you find a "flat", that is actually a slow leak. It just happens when you come out of a movie or sports event and have a chance view the passenger side. Pump it up and drive home or to the tire shop. You need a pump with Slime and Fix-a-Flat does not really fill it all the way...very weak in cold too. I carry a plug kit. DIY, RIGHT ON THE CAR! I swear that mechanics pull the tire off to plug it, just so you think you need them. On a front tire, I can plug and fill before you even get the spare out.
Most tire shops offer free air on the outside of the building. Basically to get you into their parking lot to either fix or replace an ailing tire.
Do some states of the USA not have laws requiring all petrol stations to provide free compressed air to their petrol customers? I know the local Wal-Mart has an air filler that provides air that takes quarters. But if you make a petrol purchase, they will, upon request, give you a token or two for the curbside air pump.
every gas station ive been to charges for air, except maybe one or two of them. but the places that charge you will usually turn the machine on free if you buy gas
Originally posted by pitzel: Do some states of the USA not have laws requiring all petrol stations to provide free compressed air to their petrol customers?
[bowdown] [Canada] Are you sure it's a law and not just local custom?
The only company I have seen that routinely offers free air is Shell. The other day I went to one that had been free, and now it was for "customers only." I went inside and asked the attendant to turn it on. He asked me if I was a customer, and I said, "Not today, but I'm a regular customer. Buy all my gas from Shell." Had to ask him to turn it on again, too, the **** thing turned off on me after two tires.
Shell always lets people put air in their tires. I only put Shell gas in my Jeep... not because of the air but its a plus.
I have never seen a gas station that charged for air. I hope these places that charge for air actually have a compressor with a tank. I sure wouldn't pay for air from one of those tank less air pumps. It takes forever to fill truck tires with one of those useless pumps. I only fill my tires at a gas station that has a compressor that puts out some cfm and has a tank. Carl
This is one reason I'm glad I have my own compressor. All I have to pay for is the electricity. Most of the stations near me are starting to charge for air now.
Originally posted by Lumberg: The only company I have seen that routinely offers free air is Shell.
All Wawa and Sheetz stations that I've been to offer free air.
To keep myself out of jail I ended up buying a used air compressor from a neighbor. It's a small Dewalt rated for continuous use in construction, and although noisy it works great. I had been using a foot pump for years on the cars, but gave up on a couple of other low volume electric pumps after getting the truck. I sometimes need up to 70 psi in 17in tires, and find that a lot of places charge for air now, and half of those actually let air out of my tires as the pumps won't provide enough pressure. So, instead of people reading about a madman taking an ax to air pumps in the area, I bought my own air compressor :^)
Many of them have free air for customers here. Awhile back I was inside buying whatever and a guy popped in the door and askjed the attendant to turn on the air. She said, "Sir, it's only for our customers." He looked a bit miffed but before he left, I asked, "How about turning it on for me?" "Sure", she said. So I nodded to him, said "Go for it", and he got his air.
Connecticut requires gas sellers to provide free air, though there are plenty that don't comply. There doesn't appear to be any enforcement.
I got my own compressor after driving to 5 different stations one day trying to find one that worked! One would take your money and still not work, another was frozen, one had a cut hose, etc. And if you asked for your money back there was an 800 number to call! [freaknout] On a cold day it was very frustrating. The days of the old compressors that filled your tire in no time seem to be a thing of the past, these puny tankless things are worthless. Some have them that don't require money, but you still have to push a button and wait forever for it to fill a tire.
How much is it for a decent compressor that can handle putting 60 or so PSI in a truck tire? IF I buy one I know I will be going down that slippery slope .... well now that I have a compressor how about an impact gun....well while I'm ordering that why don't I pick up an air wratchet? Well if I get a 3/8 then I might as well get a 1/4....etc etc etc
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