Esso 10w-30 oil @ BJ's

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Apr 13, 2004
Washington, NJ
Hi all, I went to BJ's the other day and I saw that they were selling ESSO 10w-30 oil right next to the Mobil 1 that I use. I was wondering if anyone had any information on this oil. I couldn't get any info from the box in which the oil comes in. I even tried to do a search for ESSO oil in the US but couldn't find anything. I know that ESSO is big in South America having gas station all over. Just wondering.... -Mario
Esso was/is the world wide trade mark of Standard Oil of NJ, which in 1970 or so renamed itself "Exxon". This was largely due to the fact that, going back to the break-up of the old "Standard Oil" before World War 1, each of the newly formed "Standard Oil" companies had the right to use the name "Standard Oil" only in its home region. "Esso" was the phoenetic spelling of "S. O.", or "Standard Oil", so Standard Oil of NJ could not use this trade mark everywhere in the USA. In the 1960s, in some parts of the country they were "Esso", in the west they were "Enco", and in Texas they were "Humble". In any event, none of this nonsense pertained to their outside of USA operations, and what is now Exxon-Mobil continues to use the "Esso" trademark throughout the world. So, getting back to the topic of the motor oil, this is motor oil made by an Exxon-Mobil affiliate outside the USA. I have some Esso ATF, and it was made in Canada.
It's Superflo, should be identical to Exxon brand, rumored to be close to Mobil Drive clean. Has some group I in 10w30 IIRC. Exxon has a rebate that might not apply to Esso, check it out in the rebate section. It's regarded as kind of a price performer; many will pay a dime or two more for Havoline/Chevron.
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