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Dec 8, 2008
My grandpa used this stuff and swore by it for many years, but no one seems to carry it. Does anyone no where I can buy essentialube? My local parts stores don't seem to have an idea of what I am talking about.
I know this is a strait plug, I need to read all the rules as I just joined up on this site.

I'm the graphic designer for Hydrotex, we are currently working on an online site,, where for the first time we will be selling our products direct to the public. It is just a couple at first to test the waters, but we will have Essentialube.

The reason you haven't been able to find us is we focus on over 32 direct market segments and sell primarily direct to industry since the late 70's early 80's.

Some auto parts stores carry Essentialube, but those are set up and sold to that individual store by the local Hydrotex Division Partner, since you're in Oregon I don't believe there is anyone doing that in your area.

If you're interested in knowing how to get in contact with your local Lubrication Consultant to buy product shoot me a PM. I think I have done enough plugging for one post. haha


Tell Mr. Beasley Johnny in Wausau, WI says hello.
Thanks for the welcome, and will do.

How long were you with Pennzoil for? I use their syncromesh in my 3000GT and love it. Great stuff.

Good to meet you Johnny, I'm sure I'll be checking this site during my lunch breaks from now on.

The amount of information and activity is impressive! I need to brush up on what I learned in our QSchool so I don't make a fool of myself.

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