Engine pic, annual inspection

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Dec 5, 2003
New England, USA
gratuitous engine pic from our annual inspection yes, that is a filter magnet, probably does not do anything about wear but the mechanic likes them as a diagnostic aid as they keep some of the ferrous bits in one place note the grease being flung from the prop hub...
..not on an airplane, never needed it. MMO is not FAA approved for aircraft. That said you will occasionally find it in the hangars of folks w/ older aircraft and/or those designed to run on the now almost obsolete lower lead and lower octane fuels (80/87, etc.) such as Cubs, Champs, etc. MMO supposedly reduces lead fouling and has a bit of a cult following in aviation...probably not undeserved. I do use it regularly as an upper cylinder lube on other toys. Never in oil.
a Piper Pa-28 Regarding heights, me also. Funny, i am not too comfortable on high ladders or roofs, but flying is different. the height almost doesn't register in the same way.
...and a shot over the battery box down the tailcone. The annuals can get ugly, but if you do owner-assist they are not bad. Plus, there are worse things then a few days out of the office and in the hangar.
So do you use an SLA type battery in this application? I'd imagine a battery that can leak might cause all sorts of damage. Just curious. You mentioned battery box, and it got me thinking. I can barely spell Bernoulli Principle and the first plane I flew in, I jumped out of at Ft Benning smile
yes, a Concorde sealed battery. Many if not most GA aircraft use regular 'wet' batteries, they typically have vent caps with valves that seal during unusual attitudes.
Don't know much about planes....I'm assuming that is a large flat-6? What displacement is it? What oil - straight 50wt? Very neat to have your own plane!
it is a Lycoming O-540. Air cooled 540ci flat 6, 235 hp, redline is 2,400rpm, i use Phillips 20w-50 w/ an electric engine heater for starts below ~40dg.
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