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Feb 9, 2004
Hi guy's, Firstly I'm sorry for asking about the topic, I'm sure it has been done to death! I'm new to the site and had a look around but couldn't find anything directly related.

I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer a little advice.

You see I am in Australia and I am rebuilding a Ford V8 351 Cleveland engine, and One Oil getting the big push here is the Fully Imported USA Pennzoil GT Performance 20w50 aimed directly at the 60's to 80's older style American Styled V8's. I have wondered if this is considered a quality oil in the USA.

One thing you might find interesting is our most commen oil is 20w 50's and becoming very popular are 15w 60's. There are allot of new engines getting around with 15w 40's but the norm for us is 20w 50.

Over the last few years I have tried to gather as much info about this topic and one thing I have found is that there are still a large amount of high performance part makers and suppliers recommending the use of only high quality Mineral oils for the older style V8 engines. Even Crower are saying Kendal 20w 50 Mineral is the best they have found with there parts.

Your time and any comments would be greatly appreciated.

I work for a Pennzoil station and we put it in many older, high performance vehicles for in the summer time. Usually when someone requests a single weight like SAE 30 I try to suggest 20W50. There are also a few cars that have very low oil pressure that I put it in. It's good for older engines with bigger clearances.
Thanks heaps for the reply! Hey as a matter of interest when you hear people say things like " your not ussing the oil they use in a Quicky Lube places" what sort or type do they mean? We dont have any sort of just a lube (Oil change) and go type places here.

Also do you know if the GT Performance still has Wax's in it? and does it have a history for Sludge or Varnish?
Hey Francis, I'm glad to see you made it here!


I'm sure your fellow Australians will jump in and help guide you to what kinds of great oils are available in your area that they would recommend.
Data on this oil is available on Pennzoil's USA website. Check it out. I doubt you could get a better product.

The USA has lots of 10-minute oil change shops. Not all of them are exactly honest and may pump an inferior bulk 30wt. and sell it as a top brand multi-visosity oil among other shady practices.

The Pennzoil Center here is very good. They pump Castrol, Havoline, and Pennzoil, plus they stock most all other brands.
Francis, It sound to me like you should be the first to start an oil change only franchise in Outback! The gold mine is there waiting for you. Once you get 'em in the door, there is no limit to what you can sell! Wiper blades, oil or air filters, smelly things for the dash, tranny flushes, the limits are only bounded by your imagination!

I don't get to many questions about 20W50 here in Wisconsin. When I worked for Pennzoil in Texas I sold a lot of it. The 20W50 is a very good product. It is made with the Group II+ base stocks like our other oils, uses the Shellvis VI improver and a good additive package with some moly. There is no wax. I would think it would work great in your 351 Cleveland. I use to use it in a 351 Cleveland years ago and had great luck with it. Another oil that we use to make was a GT20W40. That was a great product and we use to sell the heck out of it in the South. When everyone started pushing 5W30 we took it out of production for some reason.

For any of you oil history buff's, do you know who was the first to introduce 20W50 oil and why?

Originally posted by Johnny:
For any of you oil history buff's, do you know who was the first to introduce 20W50 oil and why?

The first 20w50 I remember seeing on the shelves was Castrol GTX.

Here's one back at ya: Who was the first (and I think only) company to produce and market a 10w50 in the US?

The Pennzoil Australian website has "under construction", has been like that for a couple of months.

The Pennzoil site in US is good, they actually tell you things like HTHS and sulphated ash. Try getting that from the Castrol site in Oz.

Pennzoil might be a good oil, but as you know, engine oil is expensive here, and thats why I stick with dino. I use Penrite 20W-60 in my 302, it's an A3 rated dino, but still expensive.

G-Man: Well you got the first part right, but when it first came out they did not call it GTX. A clue on the second part has to do with Morris and Mini.

Now, 10W50. I should know this. I might be wrong but I think I have seen this weight in 3 different brands. Pennzoil, ARCO, and Kendall. But I'm probably wrong. Am I close?
G-Man, I did a web search. The following companies make a 10W50. BEL-RAY, WYNN'S, LUCAS, GOLDEN SPECTRO, AMALIE, and Amsoil use to make one. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm confused. Who did make the first one.
it's a big country, so which bit do you live in ?

Sprintman has a few big Fords, so he might be able to help you.
Hi all thanks heaps for all the Welcome notes and I really found reading all your thoughts and comments so interesting.

I’m located on the Gold Coast, or as some might know it as the Surfers Paradise area in Queensland Australia.

I have been trying to learn as much as I can on not only engine oils but the effects and relation to engines they have, over the last few years.

I have been lucky enough to come across some really interesting people and some very interesting information over that time, and I while I in no way consider myself an expert, I am a very keen student.

Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to have spoken to so many different people in so many interrelated fields. From a few V8 Supercar Engine Engineers (our version of NASCAR racing) to Chemical Engineers and Local Tuff Engine Builders.

I have tried to learn how to read and understand the tech data sheets and get some sort of feel as to what % difference in comparisons would really make a difference. This bit I am still trying to figure out!

And the one thing I have found is the more people I talk to, and the more I seem to learn, the more I get confused!

I am so glad I found this site, where there are other people that are just as interested as I am and are all sharing there knowledge.

I am so appreciative off all the info you guy’s have left so far, and I really look forward to talking with you all.

Thanks again and please keep the thoughts and info on the Pennzoil products coming!


Originally posted by Johnny:
G-Man, I did a web search. The following companies make a 10W50. BEL-RAY, WYNN'S, LUCAS, GOLDEN SPECTRO, AMALIE, and Amsoil use to make one. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm confused. Who did make the first one.

Remember, I said the first marketed in the US. It was Shell back in the mid 70s.
I had a 1969 Mach 1 with a 351 and I routinely used 20w-50 (Castrol GTX)as a 3 season oil and switched to 10w-40 during winter months.

Never had any problems starting or anything else with the 20w-50 and the car ran like a deamon right up till when I totalled it

I used to alternate between Pennzoil 20W-50 GT Performance and Valvoline VR1 Racing 20W-50 (Whichever I could find for cheap) in my Chevy 327 & 350 in the summer months (back when I believed "thicker is better"). Both engines still run well.

Originally posted by 90mustang:
Hey Francis,do it get very cold in the winter down under?

Certainly not on the Gold Coast ! Queensland = tropics. It's hot and dry during the Northern Hemisphere summer, and hot and wet during this time of year. Cold weather flow is not an issue for Francis !
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