engine makes bad noise...maybe copper???

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Nov 28, 2002
plano texas
I read the oil analysis page on this site and it said if you have too much copper things to check are strange noise when near stall speed... at low rpms, like 1000 and below, my engine makes a strange noise like a super fast vibration that sounds like the pistons are rattling around in the cylinders, not really but thats what it sounds like, and was wondering if this is the noise that was meant. I have a stick car so i can put it in gear and load the engine down as much as I want in any gear so thats the only reason I hear it...maybe with an auto I wouldnt but just making sure.
Doesn't sound good to me.....copper is usually coming out of the engine bearings (Crank, rod and cam). that coupled with your noise may mean crank or rod bearings are going out and are saying sayonara........
I would not just assume the engine is terminal. Could just be something loose somewhere. Also what you are doing to the car may be the reason for the noise.
yeah maybe something loose but it sounds loud and like its coming from the engine adn not a normal vibration from something rattling but maybe I'll see what i can see. Oh and I dont put it in high gears and mash the gas or anything it does it when I start from a stop in first which is how I noticed it.
Dont know how the newer engines are built, but the older ones used copper bushings for the wrist pins. Loose wrist pins have a characteristic double rap that is most noticeable under no load.
Do you have high copper in your oil? Does the engine run well otherwise? (misfiring, low power etc.)
I havent done an oil test so saying anything about copper was not right. It misfires under heavy load but I believe it is do the optispark which generally craps out around the miles I have, 66000, but what did you have in mind, I'll check it out. OH and I found it does it slightly louder if any different when its warm.
I have never done an oil analysis but after hearing this noise I think I will... keep the ideas coming I want to kno what this is. My engine is an LT1 from a 94 trans am wiht only 66000 miles... [ November 30, 2002, 12:03 PM: Message edited by: 94 formula ]
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