Elf Excellium LDX 5W-40

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Jul 18, 2006
Rhode Island
I just received a VOA on Elf Excellium LDX 5W-40 back from two labs. It has been posted in the VOA section. Currently, I'm running this in my RS4 with good results.
Pretty sure it's a blend of Grp III and Grp IV. This is one of the oils I was considering for my next change. I decided on Motul 8100 5w-40 instead. Maybe I'll try the Elf after that.
Originally posted by leidout: Try going to the elf website and call up a local distributor. And i believe elf 5w40 is a blend of group 3 & 4 w/ some 5 as well.
I was just wondering if there were any parts stores/dealerships that sold it off the shelf in the US.
I just snatched 7 qts. of Elf LDX 5w40 yesterday for my BMW X3 3.0 at Mavericks Auto Supply Chicago. I try to call their other branch just to check if they are carrying european staff but too bad they don't carry it. The Mavericks near my house has a lot of european stuff; Liquimoly 5w40 in a jug for $26.99, pentosin 5w30 in a jug $26.99, Elf Evolution SXR 5w30 $26.99, pentosin 5w40 in a qt. $ 6.95 and their Elf Excellium LDX 5w40 for $ 6.95 a quart (not available in a jug) w/c i know is more superior compare to their Elf Evolution 5w30. Im planning to use this oil on my next oil change and planning 7500 OCI.
Mavericks sounds like Inter Part in San Diego, it's a oil wunderland. Let us know how your bimmer likes the Elf oil.
what is the HT/HS # of this oil (Elf LDX 5w40)and how this compare to Amsoil 5w40? Im planning to use this oil as substitute for my dealer BMW 5w30.
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